[Audio] Yes & No in Vietnamese. How to Say Yes & No in Vietnamese?

The next lesson, I will teach you how to say Yes and No in Vietnamese. In English, these words are very easy, just “Yes” and “No”. But in Vietnamese, they’re much more complicated. “Yes” can be “Dạ”, “Vâng”, “Có”, “Đúng”,…. And “No” can be “không”, “chưa”,… OMG, how come there’re so many? Yes, I know, that why I’m here. I will teach you when you should use this word, and when should use the others. Let’s get started!

[Audio] Yes or No in Vietnamese.  How to Say Yes or No in Vietnamese?

How to say NO in Vietnamese?

“No” is easier to say in Vietnamese, the most popular meaning of “No” is “không”: 

“Không” is usually used in informal situation, when the person talking with you are not older than you (or just few years older). In other cases, when that person is many years olther, you should say “dạ không”:

[Audio] How to Say You’re Welcome in Vietnamese?

In the previous article, you knew How to say thank you in Vietnamese. If someone says thanks to you, and as a courtesy, you want to say “you’re welcome”. So how to say that in Vietnamese?

[Audio] How to Say You're Welcome in Vietnamese?

In Vietnamese, “you’re welcome” means “không có gì”:


If you translate word by word, “không có gì” means “it’s nothing, but Vietnamese understand “không có gì” is equivalent to “you’re welcome”.

[Audio] How to Say Thanks, Thank You, Thank You Very Much & You’re Welcome in Vietnamese?

In the previous article, you knew how to say hello in Vietnamese. The next, if someone helps you, and you want to say thank you, how to say that? Of couse, most of Vietnamese people (from child to oldster) can understand the word “thank you”, but they will be more excited if you say their language. So how to say thank you in Vietnamese?

[Audio] Thank You in Vietnamese. How to Say Thank You in Vietnamese?

How do you say thank you in Vietnamese?

Basically, “thank you” and “thanks” are same in Vietnamese, both mean “cảm ơn”: 

[Audio] Hi & Hello in Vietnamese. How to say Hello in Vietnamese?

Hi everyone! It’s very long time from my last article. I was very busy with my job, my trips and my family. But now I’m back (with better English, I guess) and going to make a series of how-to-say articles, that guides how to say simple words and phrases in Vietnamese, such as Hello, Thank you, How are you, Please, Yes or No,… I think these are very important words to communicate when you visit Vietnam. So to begin, this article I will teach how to say Hello in Vietnamese. Let’s get started!

how to say hello in vietnamese

How to travel with pet? 4 tips on traveling with pet!

For some people, traveling with pet can be a bit of a challenge considering the extra amount of things to bring along during the trip. Aside from just packing your clothes and personal items, you should also think about your pet’s essential needs such as food, toys and of course, its crate. Moreover, there may be some documents that you need to bring, as well, particularly if you are going on a plane trip with your furry friend. So, before you head off to your vacation and tag along your four-legged pal, you may want to check out these important travel tips for pet owners like you.

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Tips on traveling with pet

My tips on traveling with pet

1. Proper identification is a must.

Whether it is a road or plane trip, it is a must for pet parents to never leave home without putting proper identification card on their pet. A collar securely fastened on your pet’s neck is very important in case it runs away or gets lost in the crowd. Be sure there is a tag attached to the collar, which must include information about its name, your phone number and address. This way, if someone finds your pet, there is a means for him or her to contact you right away.

2. Have your pet checked before leaving on a trip.

A few days before your trip, set an appointment with the vet for a thorough checkup of your pet. You should make it a point that the checkups are up-to-date to ensure your pet’s overall health and wellness. If you are going on a plane trip, it is necessary that you have a health certificate presented to authorities who will require such documents. Ask the vet to sign the said document and have it date no more than 10 days before departure. However, there may be additional requirements if you are traveling to a foreign country. In this case, you need to obtain further details on certain requirements when going abroad with your pet.

3. Get the right crate for your pet.

Although you are probably psyched about traveling, your pet may not feel the same way. A crate, on the other hand, will give it some sense of peace and comfort during the trip as this will serve as its “home away from home”. With this in mind, look for a crate that is ideal for the size of your pet. It should be roomy enough to allow your pet to stand, turn around and sit comfortably. You may also want to place some bedding on the crate to keep your pet warm such as towels. The bedding can also absorb excess moisture or mess in the crate. Most importantly, the crate’s door should remain securely locked throughout the trip to prevent your pet from coming out and wandering about or getting lost along the way.

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4. Pack your pet’s food, medicines and other important items.

Always bring with you a travel kit for your pet before leaving home for a vacation. The kit should include extra food, plastic bags, first-aid supplies, waste scoop, some toys, and perhaps some pet clothing to keep your furry pal warm. This way, you have everything you need to give your pet a more enjoyable and comfortable time during the trip.

So, keep these tips in mind as you prepare for your most-awaited trip with your pet. These will spare you from any hassles and troubles as you travel with your beloved four-legged buddy!

Booking Hotels in Nha Trang with Good Price. Saving up to 63%

When you come to Nha Trang, thing you will find here is the paradise resort with wide beaches, white sand, and pure water sea. These beaches stretching several kilometers with more than 350 small, large hotels, many luxuries five – stars hotels, villas, and resort. Nha Trang is a wonderful destination for you and your family to enjoy summer relaxes or for a couple go on the honeymoon.

You can see the list name of cheap hotels and best serve here as me and my friend’s experience, idea sharing on Travel forums or booking rooms online… This advice will help you saving money and time to have an excellent travel. At the end of each topic I share you the link for booking hotels at Agoda website, you will save more for your travel trip when booking here.

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best hotels in Nha Trang Vietnam
Best Hotels in Nha Trang – Vietnam

Here is the list of best hotels in Nha Trang

I. One Star Cheap Hotels

1. Binh An Hotel Nha Trang

Binh An Hotel Nha Trang
Binh An Hotel Nha Trang

This hotel has more than 200 good reviews on Agoda and is scored 9/10 on average about cheapest price and best serving for 1.5-star hotel at Nha Trang. Located in the center of the city (on Nguyen Thien Thuat street) nearby popular entertainment spots such as Nha Trang Night Market, The Rock Church, and the beach is opposite the central Square.

The hotel rooms are neat, clean, although they are not too big but comfortable. The bathrooms are very bright because they’re cleaned every day. If you stay here you will feel cozy and friendly like your home with hotel’s staffs who are family member’s owner.

Binh An Hotel has cheap price and good serving so they quickly have no room. If you want to stay here, you should book a room before two week when coming to Nha Trang, remember to book on Agoda, the procedure is very easy and you will receive the cheap price than hotel offer list price.

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2. Mojzo Inn – Hostel for Backpackers

Mojzo Inn – Hostel for Backpackers
Mojzo Inn – Hostel for Backpackers

Mojzo Inn – Hostel for backpackers at Nha Trang is popular among the backpacking tourism, located on Nguyen Thien Thuat Street, a favorable position in the city center, it’s only take 5 minutes to go to popular entertainments spot and the beaches. This hostel has rooms for groups from 4 to 8 people, these rooms are very clean, neat, cozy atmosphere and cleaned daily, here also has a double room, two single beds room and room for a family.

Mojzo is not a big hostel but designed inside is very cozy and comfortable. Hostel’s staffs are students so they serve fast, enthusiastically, warmly and thoughtfully, they are willing to give you some advice about entertainment spots with tips to avoid high price when traveling at Nha Trang, in short, Mojzo is a wonderful place to stay at affordable prices.

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3. Tabalo Hostel Nha Trang

Tabalo Hostel Nha Trang
Tabalo Hostel Nha Trang

Tabalo Hostel Nha Trang serves like Mojzo Hostel, but it’s newer than and less well known. However, this hostel also has confirmed its position in tourism both at Viet Nam and abroad by excellent quality and best price. Staffs at Tabalo are all young, very lovely, enthusiastic and agile. Lodging is designed with a youthful style, matching tourist who is students and new employees and others.

The restaurant of Tabalo is on the hotel’s terrace overlooking the beach with a beautiful landscape, you will feel cool, refreshing and enjoy the nightlife of Nha Trang when to have a drink here at night. It is great when you go with your partner.

The bedrooms are clean, tidy, and bright, and the bathrooms are quite large with modern design. Generally, all these rooms are still new with innovative design, eye-catching and comfortable. The hostel also has a bathroom for guests who have checked out and wait time to leave Nha Trang.

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4. Nha Trang Inn

Nha Trang Inn
Nha Trang Inn

Nha Trang Inn has cool, big garden with wide, tidy, clean and bright rooms unlike another 1-star hotel at Nha Trang. It is far from 2/4 square when you are walking to there, but you are welcome and friendly enthusiasm by the owner and service staffs at this hostel. They are happy to advise you about idea fun places to eat and play here.

Nha Trang Inn Hostel has quite a cheap price booking but the quality is on the top of the cheapest Nha Trang hostels and it is suitable for groups or young couples want to save costs in travel.

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5. Ha Thu Hotel

Ha Thu Hotel
Ha Thu Hotel

Ha Thu Hotel is located in a small alley so rather quiet, it’s very close the sea, a few minutes’ walk. Especially it is located near Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, where many famous places for eating and entertainment at Nha Trang city. Rooms are bright, clean with sufficient hotel facilities, designed and decorated quite beautiful. Hotel staffs are very attentive, polite, cheerful and enthusiastic to give advice for tourist to know about Nha Trang places.

There are some reviews complaining about the hotel without a lift and the rooms are small, but according to my opinion, the quality of Ha Thu hotel is better than the moderate price with good location, enthusiastic staffs, and the rooms, bathrooms beautiful. Or if you want to find better quality one, you should consider more many star hotels below

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6. Truong Giang Hotel

Truong Giang Hotel
Truong Giang Hotel

Truong Giang is a quite popular hotel in Nha Trang, due to building long time ago so the furniture and facilities are old. However here is still one of the good hotels in Nha Trang with cheap cost. The host and hotel staffs are very enthusiastic, warm, they advise clearly for guest about entertainment spots and travel experience in Nha Trang. The hotel is also near the beach, the night market and many places to eat so it’s very convenient for those who want to go for a walk to the beach or somewhere around at night.

One year ago, the blanket was old but maybe they change the new ones now and the air conditioner was noisy weak wifi. But that’s just a few small mistake points, Truong Giang has the reasonable price so you can stay here to save your travel cost when you come to Nha Trang.

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7. Hien Mai Hotel

Hien Mai Hotel
Hien Mai Hotel

More a cheap hotel is located on Nguyen Thien Thuat Street – the area has many good hotel concentrated together – Hien Mai hotel is rather quiet, near the sea and entertainment spots so travel convenience. Rooms are still new, not large but clean, tidy with soft sleeping mattress, soft pillows

Hotel quality would be better than if they are given in each hotel room a kettle and the wifi should also be improved, but this is a very small mistake so do not affect the overall assessment of the hotel. Give 8 points on average for it.

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8. HQ café Nha Trang Hostel

HQ café Nha Trang Hostel
HQ café Nha Trang Hostel

HQ Café Nha Trang Hostel has the model like Tabalo and Mojzo, it served both group rooms and common rooms include luxury double rooms, room for 3 people…. Rooms for a group can accommodate 6 people with cheap cost, about 130k VND / person. This is one of the cheapest hotels in Nha Trang so it is suitable well to the group of backpacker or someone travel alone who want to save cost.

Although the group rooms have small space for each person but very neat and clean with quality mattresses, pillows, are changed daily. The private rooms, double rooms, three-bed rooms are rather wide with large bathrooms. If travel 3 people, you should book a hotel room on the ground floor if they still empty, this is probably the best room in HQ café Nha Trang Hostel. Here is also in a great location, just minute walk to the beach and the popular entertainment spots.

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II. Best Two Star Hotels in Nha Trang

9. La Suisse Hotel

La Suisse Hotel
La Suisse Hotel

La Suisse Hotel is one of the Two Star hotels with the cheap price and best service in Nha Trang, although the room is rather small but quite beautiful with cozy and comfortable stylish design. The most impressive thing is the sanitary conditions at this hotel are excellent, it’s clean both in rooms and public areas. The hotel is located in the seaside so it’s very convenient for tourist to travel and pretty quiet for the rest.

Near many restaurant and places to eat, motorbike rental shop, travel agencies, tourist areas for foreigner… it’s very convenience if you want more service outside. The dishes in breakfast are delicious and lots of (included in the room rate) and the hotel staffs are lovely, friendly, quick service and warm attitude

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10. Phu Quy Residence

Phu Quy Residence
Phu Quy Residence

This hotel is quite new and the price is pretty cheap than other two Star hotel in Nha Trang. From the outside, Phu Quy Residence looks like a Travel agent so many people first come here will not recognize the hotel. The rooms inside are new and clean with soft and comfortable mattresses, pillows, the bathrooms are small but good use and hotel staffs are friendly and enthusiastic.

Located on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, it takes you only 5 minutes walk to Tran Phu Street, where the beach and many restaurants, café, bar, club… and also takes you 5 minutes walk to tourist areas for the foreigner (Hung Vuong Street), you will be interesting when having coffee here. Besides the hotel is a grocery shop, opposite hotel is an alley, where many street food stalls have. Inshort, Phu Quy Residence Hotel is the best quality than the price.

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11. Green Peace Hotel Nha Trang

Green Peace Hotel Nha Trang
Green Peace Hotel Nha Trang

Green Peace Hotel Nha Trang situated in Tran Phu Beach Front, near the tourist area for foreigner so this place is very busy crowded and it’s suitable for young love bustling atmosphere. The hotel also near Nha Trang Market and many delicious restaurants.

Although the hotel rooms a little bit small but very beautiful design, modern and all furniture, facilities are new and clean. Hotel staffs are so so good, friendly and welcome but a few need to improve their attitude of service

Dishes for breakfast were not excellent but easy to eat, good taste. In addition, the hotel also offers tours with cheaper price than the market price.

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12. La Paloma Hotel

La Paloma Hotel
La Paloma Hotel

This is a new hotel, modern, luxurious design, and worthy of a higher standard 2.5 Stars. La Paloma was constructed on spacious campus, cool, wooded. Rooms are large with modern design and beautiful, comfortable furniture, especially with swimming pool and large garden (quite rare with a 2 Stars hotel in Nha Trang). This is a family hotel so fewer staffs but they served very affable, enthusiastic and hospitable.

La Paloma Hotel is located on Pham Van Dong Street, close to the sea but far from the city center so inconvenient in moving. To move easily, you just need to rent a motorcycle is enough, only less than ten minutes’ drive, you will reach the city center. I’m sure there is not a two Star hotel in Nha Trang has a beautiful design and good quality like La Paloma.

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13. Golden Sea Hotel Nha Trang

Golden Sea Hotel Nha Trang
Golden Sea Hotel Nha Trang

Golden Sea Hotel Nha Trang is a cheap hotel with Two Star standard and quite popular in high quality, modern design, and professional service. Hotel staffs are enthusiastic, attentive and polite. The hotel location close to the sea, you can walk out there or walk to Night Market, it’s also near seafood restaurants and popular entertainment in Nha Trang

Rooms quite nice but a bit small, very comfortable, full facilities and soft mattresses. The bathrooms are clean with good restroom. It’s good to choose a room with windows facing the sea, the price is not much more than a windowless room but you will see the wonderful view of the wide sea and the quality is better than.

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14. Golden Summer Hotel Nha Trang

 Golden Summer Hotel Nha Trang
Golden Summer Hotel Nha Trang

Golden Summer Hotel Nha Trang is a very good place for guests to relax, visit and enjoy time in Nha Trang. It impresses visitors from the first greeting by hotel staffs with friendly, warm and caring. Check in out quickly, the service’s very good and the price is also cheaper than the cheap hotels other. Rooms quite large, cleaned daily, beautiful design, modern and luxury facilities.

It’s located in the city center, near the sea, places to eat and many popular entertainment spots in Nha Trang. There is a small minus is poor soundproofing between rooms with hotel lobby, so it’s noisy in the morning. However, most visitors go out early, so it is not affected too much.

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15. CR Hotel Nha Trang

CR Hotel Nha Trang
CR Hotel Nha Trang

This is also a 2 stars hotel has the cheap price with the average price in Nha Trang, and the quality is on the top of the cheap price hotels here. Hotel realistic look smaller than the pictures on Agoda, but the rooms are clean with beautiful design. However some kind of rooms x02, x03 in behind have stuffy air, other rooms at the front x01 have cool air and bright space because they have large window and balcony.

CR Hotel Nha Trang is located on Tran Phu Street in the city center, near the beach so very easy to move everywhere. Hotel staffs are enthusiastic, attentive and professional service. If you go on vacation at Nha Trang in the dry season, stay here or any hotels on this street are very great but if you go here in rainy season, this road is deep flooded in heavy rain and you will be difficult to move.

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16. Tristar Hotel

Tristar Hotel
Tristar Hotel

Tristar Hotel Nha Trang is not located on the seaside road like CR Hotel Nha Trang, the view is not also beautiful as CR but the area is wider and the hotel rooms are better. Rooms are quite large, clean and airy, full facilities with modern and new furniture. Hotel staffs are friendly, enthusiastic and professional service and when you stay here you can walk to the beach. The weakness in this hotel is the sound insulation between the rooms and the hotel lobby is not good, anything else is alright.

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17. White Lion Hotel Nha Trang

White Lion Hotel Nha Trang
White Lion Hotel Nha Trang

White lion Hotel Nha Trang is located in an alley on Nguyen Thien Thuat so it’s rather quiet, but still within the city center so close to the sea and entertainment spots, dining address. Rooms are large, nice, clean with modern and new facilities, hotel staffs are friendly, enthusiastic and professional service.

White Lion Hotel also provides motorcycles, cars rental service and tours at Nha Trang. You should check the price on the internet before ordering tour service here to have the good price.

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18. Golden Dragon Hotel Nha Trang

Golden Dragon Hotel Nha Trang
Golden Dragon Hotel Nha Trang

Rather grandiose name, here is also a famous 2 stars hotel in Nha Trang. Nice hotel with a rooftop swimming pool, wonderful view. Rooms are large, pretty and cool with wide and clean bathroom. Hotel staffs are friendly and warm.

The hotel is located in quiet area but not too far from the sea and the entertainment spots of the city. Here also has motorbikes rental service but the price is much higher than the average price. If you are not concerned about the cost of the rented motorbike, you can rent it for your convenience or if you want to have the best price you can find rental motorbikes service around.

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III. Best 3 Star Hotels in Nha Trang

19. Edele Hotel Nha Trang

Edele Hotel Nha Trang
Edele Hotel Nha Trang

Edele Hotel Nha Trang is rather new 3 Stars Hotel, but many visitors already rated it as one of the best hotels in Nha Trang. The hotel is located on tourist areas for the foreigner in the city center, near the sea and many places to eat to play, so it’s very crowded, noisy from early morning till late night. Hotel staffs are enthusiastic and friendly, I was impressed with Mr. Le Ngoc Long, he is a nice man, talk very attractive and check in out quickly.

The hotel is designed in a modern beautiful style, spacious, clean and airy. Breakfast is pretty good, good taste and many dishes, less Vietnamese dishes. Generally, Edela Hotel Nha Trang is good, worthy of the 3 Star hotel standards.

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20. LeSimoLe Boutique Apartments & Hotel

LeSimoLe Boutique Apartments & Hotel
LeSimoLe Boutique Apartments & Hotel

Unlike Edele Hotels modern design, LeSimoLe Boutique has little propensity “nostalgic” with many ancient decoration style as ceiling fans, chandeliers, paintings…, the service also differs from the other hotels by serving travel style rooms and serving small apartment with fully equipped family such as cooking hob, cooking items, utensils, sewing needle… this makes LeSimoLe Boutique beloved by the family when they go on vacation to Nha Trang. This serving style makes them comfortable and cozy as at their home.

The design and decoration with the aroma of essential oils make most of the visitors coming here feel good impression, especially hotel staffs are open armed and warm from the first greeting. LeSimoLe Hotel also located in the city center, near the beach and the main streets in Nha Trang. It’s very convenient for convalescence and recreation activities.

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21. Regalia Nha Trang Hotel

 Regalia Nha Trang Hotel
Regalia Nha Trang Hotel

This hotel is fairly new, modern, beautiful location and provides the best in services and amenities. Especially private beach for guests is cleaned every day and a rooftop swimming pool overlooking the beautiful scenery. The new rooms fully equipped with balconies overlooking the sea with magnificent views and the hotel staffs are friendly, enthusiastic and attentive service attitude.

There are many opinions for breakfast dishes, good and bad, but generally the dishes is alright, the hotel should add more Vietnamese dishes for natives and the wifi quality need to be improved.

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22. Dendro Hotel Nha Trang

Dendro Hotel Nha Trang
Dendro Hotel Nha Trang

Dendro Hotel Nha Trang is a well known 3 Star hotel in Nha Trang, has built its brand in the world of tourism. It is located in a beautiful area, right on Tran Phu Street, near the sea and many places to eat to play. Although the rooms are not a large but very clean and beautiful view of the sea, at noon and night you can enjoy the fresh and cool air if you stay here. Rooms well soundproofed so you can relax yourself comfortable and pleasant with soft mattresses soft pillows. Hotel staffs are friendly, polite and professional service.

The rooftop swimming pool is small, and if you do not like noisy you can enjoy sunbathing. Breakfast dishes are delicious, but not many dishes to choose. Give 8 points on average for 3 Star Dendro Hotel Nha Trang.

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23. The Summer Hotel Nha Trang

The Summer Hotel Nha Trang
The Summer Hotel Nha Trang

This hotel has been operating rather long but still very elegance and modern look. It is a nice location, close to the sea and the city center so it’s easy to move. Rooms are spacious, clean, beautifully designed, good soundproofing although the hotel is near the crowded road but inside the rooms are very quiet. Breakfast is delicious and many dishes to choose, hotel staffs are enthusiastic, professional, friendly and know to please guests.

More service included rather good, wide swimming pool with a beautiful view, cool. Spa and restaurant serve well. Generally The Summer Hotel Nha Trang is worth 8 points on average

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24. Majestic Star Hotel

Majestic Star Hotel
Majestic Star Hotel

Majestic Star Hotel has a very nice location, just across the road is to the sea, and the deluxe rooms are facing the sea with stunning views, if you like to stay here you should booking the deluxe room if still availability because the room rates are no more expensive than the normal room.

However, there are a few shortcomings, breakfast is not delicious and few dishes, service is rather expensive than outside, if necessary you can go out to rent at many service shops surrounding with cheaper price. Hotel staffs are friendly, good service with a gracious attitude but not yet professional and quick. For me, this hotel is only 2.5 Stars.

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25. Ha Noi Golden Hotel

Ha Noi Golden Hotel
Ha Noi Golden Hotel

Ha Noi Golden Hotel is rather popular for a beautiful location, located in the city center near the beach, restaurant and entertainment spots in Nha Trang, with the modern and luxury design. The hotel rooms are large, beautiful and nice view. Hotel staffs are enthusiastic and attentive.

However, it’s so funny by the hotel staffs are too attentive. They often knock the door to enter the rooms for cleaning even when guests are sleeping noon, and they are unprofessional in the way of speaking and gestures. I think the staffs needs to be better trained to bring guest a new great stay at this hotel.

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IV. 4 Star Hotels, Resorts in Nha Trang

26. Novotel Nha Trang Hotel

Novotel Nha Trang Hotel
Novotel Nha Trang Hotel

Novotel is one of the famous hotels among the 4 stars hotels in Nha Trang. This hotel is rated to 8.9/10 points on average on Agoda by more than 1.428 customers at this time of writing. It’s so impressive for a 4-star hotel which is high appreciated like this. This is easily understood by the Novotel Nha Trang Hotel has a campus and luxurious design, service style professional, courteous and attentive, modern amenities and furniture. The private beach is nice and clean because they are cleaned daily in the early morning.

Here are spacious, beautifully designed, modern and luxury interior with balconies and wonderful sea view. Bed is smooth and comfortable. Large bathroom with beautiful and creative facilities, hand soap is very pleasant. Located in the center of town, it’s very convenience to walk distance of the beach and entertainment spots around. The buffet is delicious and variety and there are many hotel services accompanied. Novotel can be considered a cheap 4-star hotel with the best service quality in Nha Trang.

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27. Some Days of Silence Resort & Spa

Some Days of Silence Resort & Spa
Some Days of Silence Resort & Spa

Unlike the modern style of Novotel, Some Days of Silence is designed in a country style of the Vietnamese style, with simple touch friendly but still very comfortable and relaxed for guests. The site resort is wide and green, here is far from the city center so quite, especially suitable for relaxation purposes.

Rooms are spacious, innovative design and always clean because they are cleaned at least twice times a day. Resort offers delicious hot tea and fresh fruit all day. The food is also very delicious with home style cooking so make you feel cozy. Hotel staffs are friendly, lovely and know how to make customers happy most. Besides, the private beach is very clean due to being cleaned regularly.

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28. Michelia Hotel

Michelia Hotel
Michelia Hotel

Here is also one of the famous 4 Stars hotels in Nha Trang with high-quality service. A beautiful modern hotel with professional, friendly and attentive staffs’ even security guards are also very enthusiastic. The swimming pool is wide, the water pool is clean and clear, includes areas for adults and children. You just 2 minutes walk to the hotel’s private beach – a quite place – and you will have a windy afternoon walk here.

Rooms are nice decorating with elegant design, modern amenities, and smooth, comfortable mattress. Breakfast was delicious and varied with many Vietnamese and foreign dishes, ensuring all customers’ taste. Nothing to complain about Michelia Hotel, worthy standard 4.5 stars.

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29. Nha Trang Palace Hotel

Nha Trang Palace Hotel
Nha Trang Palace Hotel

Nha Trang Palace Hotel has beautiful and modern design from outside to inside, luxurious interior as European style. The rooms are nice, clean, fully facilities and very great view. Hotel staffs are friendly, enthusiastic and attentive. However, the front desk staff is not yet professional, check in out long and not know how to solve situations. This is small minus points and does not influence so much to the overall quality of Nha Trang Palace Hotel.

Breakfast and café are delicious, many dishes are changed daily so guests who stay here for a long vacation will not be bored. The hotel is located in a nice area, near the city center, near the beach so it is very convenience to go around for entertainment. In short, better training the front desk staff and everything will be alright with 4 Star hotels like Nha Trang Palace Hotel.

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30. Green World Hotel Nha Trang

Green World Hotel Nha Trang
Green World Hotel Nha Trang

Green World Hotel Nha Trang is rather new with beautiful, modern design, luxurious interior and excellent services provided. Rooms and bathrooms are large, luxurious with modern facilities as 4 Stars hotel standard. The view is beautiful, especially the rooms facing the sea. Hotel staffs are the professional, enthusiastic and good attitude. It’s located in the city center so very to go around for entertainment.

A few points are not satisfied here, breakfast dishes are not tasty and invariable, swimming pool is rather small and there is not have a kettle in each room so guest must go to the restaurant to get hot water, it’s very inconvenient. This is embarrassing for 4-star hotels.

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31. Galliot Hotel Nha Trang

Galliot Hotel Nha Trang
Galliot Hotel Nha Trang

Galliot Hotel Nha Trang has very cheap price with 4-star standard hotels in Nha Trang, just from 670 k VND as you can rent a room in this hotel with 4-star quality and service standard (excluding Tet holidays and peak tourist season). Rooms are wide, neat, clean, full facilities with strong wifi and normal view. Rooftop swimming pool is rather small but clean and nice view. Hotel staffs are professional, friendly and lovely.

Breakfast is pretty good but not much Vietnamese dishes because all most people are foreigner, breakfast hours extend until 10 h a.m. It’s very convenience for whom late wake up. Everything is good except location a little bit far from the sea, perhaps this is the reason why the room rates are cheaper than other hotels.

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V. 5 Star Hotels, Resorts in Nha Trang

32. InterContinental Nha Trang

InterContinental Nha Trang
InterContinental Nha Trang

InterContinental Nha Trang is a best 5 Star hotel in Nha Trang with 9.4/10 points on average on Agoda by 240 customers at this time of writing. As you know not many luxury hotels in Vietnam are evaluated on 9 points.

The hotel is located in Tran Phu Beach Front, near many places to eat and entertainment spots. It does only take you few steps to the beach. InterContinental is designed with beautiful and luxurious style from outside to inside. Rooms are very nice, modern, comfortable and extremely clean. The view is very beautiful, especially the front rooms have balconies facing the sea. Hotel staffs are cheerful enthusiasm, they take care customers attentively to give them comfortable and pleasant time during their stay here.

The swimming pool is very nice with impressive and unique design, pool area with shallow, depth for adults and children. The fitness room is spacious and has many modern exercise machines. Breakfast dish is delicious and varied. With lots of good features above, InterContinental Nha Trang is worth the best 5 Star hotels and an excellent choice for your stay in Nha Trang.

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33. Mia Resort Nha Trang

Mia Resort Nha Trang
Mia Resort Nha Trang

Mia Resort Nha Trang is built on a very large campus, close to nature and away from the bustling, noisy streets of Nha Trang. The hotels lie 20 Km from the city center and provide accessibility to important town facilities, so it’s suitable for families to go to relax convalescence or couples go on the honeymoon. Resort area is very large, cool and fresh because it’s surrounded by lots of greenery. The grass is very beautiful and smooth green as is well cared for. The private beach is clean, beautiful and very romantic for couples walking at night. The trams moving a shuttle from the hotel room to the lobby and the restaurant making it convenience and quick.

The service attitude of staffs could not be better. They are enthusiastic, friendly and warm. Rooms are designed as close to nature so very bright and cool, offering maximum great feeling.

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34. An Lam Ninh Van Bay Villas

An Lam Ninh Van Bay Villas
An Lam Ninh Van Bay Villas

This Villa is built next to Ninh Van Bay. It offers extremely peaceful scenery, lyrical and romantic. No other place than this idea places for families’ vacation or couples’ honeymoon. Here offer private villas with extremely impressive design, modern amenities, and furniture. It has a private pool with a cool romantic scenery and proximity to nature.

Staffs at An Lam Villas are very enthusiastic, friendly and care for travelers. Many people were surprised to receive An Lam Villas’ gift on special occasions, offers an unforgettable experience for those who have been here. The price is slightly expensive, but it is ensuring better quality for the price you pay. An Lam Ninh Van Bay Villas is worthy of the 5 Stars standard and more.

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35. Sunrise Nha Trang Beach Hotel & Spa

Sunrise Nha Trang Beach Hotel & Spa
Sunrise Nha Trang Beach Hotel & Spa

This is a fairly cheap hotel compared to the price of 5 Stars hotel general and the quality is on the top. Sunrise Nha trang Beach Hotel & Spa is located on Tran Phu Street, near the beach and entertainment spots. It has beautiful, modern design and spacious campus. Rooms are airy, bright with modern facilities and facing to beautiful sea view.

The swimming pool is nice with the unique design. The fitness room is spacious and has many modern exercise machines. The private beach is wide, long and always clean. The excellent service comes with a very reasonable price. Hotel staffs are professional, friendly, attentive and thoughtful. The hotel is also very interested in the guests, so there are always surprised gifts on birthday guests’ donation, International Women’s Day and Christmas. Overall, the quality at Sunrise Nha Trang beach Hotel & Spa is excellent considering the price.

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Best shoes for traveling reviews

1. Merrell Trail Glove Barefoot

Since my Skechers Trail Running Shoe worn out, I want to find a pair to continue with my training. At first, I googled for some reviews and came across Merrell trail glove barefoot running shoes. I also asked some friends of mine about Merrell’s brand and decide to give it a try. Until now, I’m rather happy with my choice, it’s one of the best shoes for traveling.

I often train at the gym 4 5 days a week, run on the other days. So I choose shoes which can be used for many purposes and have high durability. These barefoot running shoes gave me the first impression as a simple and lightweight pair.

Merrell Trail Glove Barefoot Trail Running Shoe - best shoes for traveling
Merrell Trail Glove Barefoot Trail Running Shoe Reviews

The upper of trail glove is made of extremely light and breathable mesh. It is like running on real barefoot. The air also flows in and out easily especially in some hot summer days. This mesh upper done a great job in ventilating our feet, wiped out all the moisture from our sweat make your feet dry and clean (especially in some hot summer days).I really like this feature because I don’t like to wear sock when running. Another plus is this soft upper causes no trouble for the movement of our toes. The toe box is roomy; your toes can feel the ground on every step. This Merrell pair fit in well and keeps you away from the debris on the trail. They also have a rubber toe-bumper in front of the shoe to protect your feet in case of kicking on some hard rock or litter

Trail Glove’s sole is about 10 mm thicker than the upper and was made by Vibram so it helps a lot on some tough trail, remain good balance and prevent any slippery.

The flexibility is wonderful. This pair is easily twisted into any direction. Of course, on some hard ground, the shoes is not very comfortable but we all know that this trail glove is just suitable for trail running events or shorter-distance races.

Wearing a flat shoe is totally new experience. It is different from running with a cushion shoes. At first, you must run slowly and short for a few days to get used to with it. After accommodating the change, everything is better then you expected

In brief, Merrell trail glove is my most favorite shoes. Out of all the minimalist shoes I’ve tried, this one make me completely happy. With the retail price of aprx. $100, it is definitely worth your money

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2. Nike Air Pegasus+ 30

Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 is one of best shoes for traveling from Nike. Here is a brief review from Dat Hoang about the quality and the first impression with this product.

I’ve bought a pair of Nike Air Pegasus for 2 weeks to practice running. I tried to search on the Internet and finally choosing it for my HIIT program.At first, I think that Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 is a pretty reliable shoe. Pegasus is always famous for its big, soft cushion and it is one of the most favorite choices for the neutral runners. I pre-order it from online store and the price is $100 a quite acceptable deal.

As the previous iteration, the Pegasus+ 30 offers various colors for the customers. It mixes 2-3 color in the body. I just want something simple so I choose a pair with dark toe box and grey midfoot. Mine also have some soft plastic strand along the middle. Nike calls Hyperfuse and told that it is a different structuring technology for this model.

Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 Trail Running Shoes Review - best shoes for traveling
Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 Trail Running Shoes Review

At the first try, the Pegasus 30 fits in well with my foot. It covers every part perfectly. I have some short jogging for a while and feel rather satisfactory with the flexibility. The heel has good elasticity; the pad of the shoe provides a softer landing that helps a lot in trail running. Some of my old shoes did not have the Natural Motion crash pad as this one so after a long time running, my feet got red for a few days but with the Pegasus 30, this trouble never exists.

After trying it for 3 4 days, I also bought one pair for my GF to accompany me on the run. With the female version, Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 has some minor differences. The toe box is a bit larger and the heel is softer. Of course, it is easily twisted from side to side so the flexibility is as good as mine. She said the Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 has some small changes in compare to the 29. It has been redesigned to enhance movement and reduced the weight. In fact, Pegasus+ 30 only weighs 10 oz for the 10 size  It also has better lateral support than the 29.

Up to now, we run together about 2 miles per day and those shoes still in a good condition. With some of amateur runner like us, they provide everything we need a nice design, outstanding flexibility. Although in some wet day, those pair are a bit slippery but they are perfect choice for the run in normal weather. In my opinion, those pairs are worth every penny you spent.

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3. Merrell barefoot run vapor glove

One of the biggest trends to hit the running world is that of the minimalist/barefoot shoe. Many runners are finding comfort, record times and less aches and pains with this kind of footwear. However, finding the right minimalist shoe that is perfect can be a daunting task. When I found the barefoot run Vapor Glove shoe, my first thought was how much I liked the initial “look” of the shoe. While I am a fan of the minimalist shoe movement, I have never been a huge fan of the way the shoe looks and the Vapor Glove immediately suited my tastes and looked good. While that may seem like a silly and unimportant detail, it made a huge difference for me right from the start.

Merrell barefoot run vapor glove review - best shoes for traveling
Merrell barefoot run vapor glove review

The Vapor Glove has a 3.5 mm Vibram rubber outsole and a 2mm EVA midsole. The upper part of the shoe is laced and made of an extremely breathable and thin, flexible material. The shoe itself is extremely lightweight and flexible (I could actually fold the shoes completely in half) and has a rubber bumper that runs along the toe line while giving structure to the shoe, but also protects the toes during dorsiflexing. The shoe also has a wrap around sling across the heel to help support the shoe and foot. I found that the laces are easy to tighten and loosen which during a run is imperative. The shoe comes with a “pull tab” that makes putting the shoes on easy. The barefoot run Vapor Glove fit is one that makes it feel like you’re not wearing a shoe at all, which is the entire point of a minimalist shoe. Once the shoe is on and laced up it becomes very easy to forget that there is anything on your foot at all!

On the sole of the Vapor Glove shoe is a diamond shaped cut that gives the sole more flexibility and if you have wide feet, as I do, wearing the Vapor Glove is a perfect fit because the sole lays flat on the floor, allowing for more toe splay. The shoe, while not offering any real structural support, does have curves at the heel, midfoot and arch, providing optimal comfort in a minimal shoe.

In the first run while wearing the Vapor Glove, the first thing I noticed was how amazing the ground feel was. The shoe allows for amazing comfort while maintaining the textures to be felt throughout the run. The lightweight shoe fit in a manner that improved and never hindered my gait and even improved my running time. It is obvious that the Vapor Glove was built for runners and especially for runners that prefer a minimalist approach in their running shoes. Like other minimalist shoes, it is imperative to watch your steps, as the shoe provides almost no cushioning and support to the foot. So if you run over rocks or other debris, you will absolutely feel it. I did wear the Vapor Glove for one trail run and will not be doing that again. I feel like this shoe is preferably for road running purposes.

Merrell barefoot run vapor glove review - best shoes for traveling

My only complaint with the Vapor Glove shoe is with the sole. The sole has a bumpy, grip-like material that comes up and over the toes. As stated earlier, this rubber bumper provides a bit of stability to the shoe, but it also can make walking in the shoe over carpets and rugs a little tricky. The material can create a sticking between the shoe and carpets causing one to trip and stumble if not careful. I would also like to see more color options available in the shoe, but then again, that has nothing to do with the performance of the shoe, and more to do with style choices and personality.

The material of the top sole on the Vapor Glove shoe made it possible to feel a breeze on my feet while running and really gave the feeling of running barefoot. The lightweight feel of the shoe made it possible for me to run even longer than I usually do.

I would absolutely recommend purchasing the Vapor Glove shoe for running. I own several different brands and types of running shoes and yet time and time again, I reach for the Vapor Glove shoe to run in. The level of comfort is really unparalleled. I believe I will be running in the Vapor Glove shoe for years to come.

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Top Things to Do in Hue – Vietnam. What to do in Hue for 3 days?

Hue is ancient capital of Vietnam. I visited Hue city twice with many diffrent emotions, but one thing never changes, the silence. Maybe any one who visited Hue also had experiences like me. Streets alway lack passersby, life is very slow, and sad. So, why do you come Hue?!

Hue city is the last capital of Vietnam feudality, so it preserves many temples, palaces, citadels,… Even people of ancient capital are very wonderful too. In this article, I will share my experiences, tips and things to do in Hue – Vietnam. 

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Top Things to Do in Hue - Vietnam
Top Things to Do in Hue – Vietnam

How to get to Hue

If you’re in Hanoi or Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh city), you can go to Hue by bus or train. You should go by train, it’s safe and stable.

The trains

* From Hanoi

You can buy the train tickets at:

– TSC agent (add: 114 Pho Duc Chinh street – Ba Ðinh district – Hanoi): +844-37162868

– Mua Xuan (spring) agent (add: 41 Ma May Street – Hoan Kiem district – Hanoi): +844-39263138 or +844-22109775

– Hanoi train station, i don’t remember exactly address, but it’s located on Le Duan street.

* From Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh city)

Add of Sai Gon station:  No. 01 Nguyen Thong street, Ward 9, District 3, Ho Chi Minh city

Phone (automatic answer): +848 39 310 666

Provide information: +848 3931 8952 or +848 3846 6091

Ticket office: +848 38 436 524 or +848 38 468 701

Sai Gon staion will bring ticket to the hotel if you request, Call the number: +848 8436 528. Serve only inner city from 7h to 21h everyday.

Top Things to Do in Hue - Vietnam
Hue citadel in night

Some bus firms 

* From Hanoi

1. Hoang Long, there are 2 offices in Hanoi:

– 1A Nam Dong, Dong Da district, Hanoi. Tel: 8494 321 19 00

– 19 Thuoc Bac, Hang Bo, Hoan Kiem district, Ha Noi. Tel: 844 6295 5565

2. Sinh Cafe

– 52 – Luong Ngoc Quyen street, Hoan Kiem district, Ha Noi Tel: +844.3926 1568

* From Sai Gon 

– Sinh Cafe has seat car and bed car.

Times: 07:30 – 15:00 and 20:30


246 – 248 De Tham, district 1, Ho Chi Minh city. Tel: +84.8.38 38 9593 – Fax: +84.8.38 36 9322


24 -26 Pho Ðuc Chinh , distrct 1, Ho Chi Minh city. Tel: +84.8.38 222 892 – Fax: +84.8.38 217 416

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What to see and do in Hue city

Hue is the last Capital of Vietnam feudality, so almost of attractions in Hue are historic sites and massive architectures: Palaces, tamples, citadels, mausoleums of kings,…

The first, Hue citadel (Đại Nội Huế ) is the residence of royal in Nguyen dynasties (from 1805 to 1945). It’s very large, you will need more than 1 morning to visit all of attractions.

What to Do in Hue - Vietnam
Hue citadel

Next is Thien Mu Temple (Chùa Thiên Mụ ), a temple was built in 17th century. Vong Canh hill (Đồi Vọng Cảnh) is beautiful hill where the kings usually came to contemplate the nature of Hue.

Thien Mu temple in Hue Vietnam
Thien Mu temple

Some main mausoleums that you should visit: Khai DinhMinh Mang and Tu Duc. Other mausoleums, you may arrange to visit, but i think it’s not necessary. They are smaller and less beautiful than main mausoleums.

Khai Dinh mausoleum Hue Vietnam
Khai Dinh mausoleum

To visit all of above sites, you need 2-3 days. After, if having more time, you should explore distant places: Tam Giang lagoon (Phá Tam Giang), Bach Ma mountain (núi Bạch Mã).

Let’s buy a Hue travel map at post office or ask your hotel. On there has all of attractions in Hue.

If you have more time, about 5 days, you should combine traveling Hoi An and Da Nang. These places are close together, you will have an interesting trip.

Read more: Hoi An Vietnam travel guide  |  Da Nang Vietnam travel guide

Moving in Hue

– To move easily in Hue, you should rent a motorbike, prices from $6 to $10, self refuel. Let’s ask your hotel to know lease places.

– Addtion, you can move by taxi and motortaxi, but it’s more expensive and not funny.

– If you move in Hue citadel, let’s choose a cyclo to feel the peace of Hue.

Cycling - Tops things to do in Hue Vietnam
Cyclo in Hue

Hotels in Hue

I knew some good and cheap hotels in Hue from my friends, my trips and collected on forums. Cheap motels and hotels in Hue gather on Le Loi street,  near the Truong Tien Hue bridge (cầu Trường Tiền Huế ), prices from $8 to $20, many large rooms can be enough for 4 people.

– Bao Minh hotel at 66/8 – Le Loi street (in an alley on the street), near Trang Tien bridge. I stayed here tiwce visited Hue. Price for double rooms is $13 (2011), i think price now is about $15, clean room. You can rent motor in hotel (ask the receptions ). Tel: +8454.3829.953

Bao Minh hotel in Hue Vietnam
A room in Bao Minh hotel

– Hotel at 57 – Tran Thuc Nhan. Contact Mr. Viet or Ms. Van: +84913.458.463 – +84543.832.869

– Phuong Hoang hotels (I and II) on Le Loi street, price is ok, have lease-motor service. Oposite Phuong Hoang has some good hotels, prices are ok and have lease-motor service too.

There are other hotels with same price, if don’t go in travel season, you do not need booking. 

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Specialties and restaurants in Hue

1. Vegetarian (cơm chay). Hue has many vegetarian restaurants, foods are also very delicious and diverse.

Some vegetarian restaurants in Hue:

Bo De at 11 – Le Loi street, Lien Hoa at 03 – Le Qui Don street (i like alot this restaurant), Tinh Tam at 12 – Chu Van An street, restaurant on Han Thuyen street (i don’t remember exact address).

2. Rice oyster (Cơm Hến) and noodle oyster (bún hến) are famous specialties of Hue. You can eat these dishes at Ms. Teo restaurant on Pham Hong Thai street, restaurant at 2 – Truong Dinh street or Con Hen (Cồn Hến) street. This street has many Rice and noodle oyster restaurants.

specialties of Hue Vietnam
Rice oyster – A famous specialty of Hue

Note, these dishes are very spicy so if you can’t eat spicy, let’s ask them leaving chili.

3. Bread soup (bánh canh ) is a popular dish in Central Vietnam. Mu Doi restaurant on Dao Duy Anh street.

4. Barbecue noodle (bún thịt nướng ) and pork rice paper (bánh tráng thịt heo ) at Huyen Anh restaurant, 207 – Kim Long.

5. Hue beef noodle (bún bò Huế) is other specialty of Hue. O Be restaurant at 11B – Ly Thuong Kiet.

Hue beef noodle - Vietnam
Hue beef noodle

6. Banh Khoai (Bánh khoái ), Lac Thien restaurant at 6 – Dinh Tien Hoang, Lac Thanh 10 – Dinh Tien Hoang, restaurant at 11 – Pho Duc Chinh

7. Banh Beo (Bánh bèo), Mrs. Do on Nguyen Binh Khiem (at no.2 or 9) or An Dinh palace (in Hue citadel), Mrs. Cu 47 – Nguyen Hue.

8. Sauce noodle (bún mắm ) at Me Theo restaurant, 64 – Ba Trieu street.

9. Che Hem (Chè hẻm ) at 26 Hung Vuong street.

Che Hem Hue Vietnam
Che Hem Hue

10. Che Sao (Chè sao ), a snack, on Phan Chu Trinh street.

If having least 5 days, you should combine traveling Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An, they’re very close together. 2 days for Hue, 2 days in Da Nang and 1 day for Hoi An. You will have overview about Central of Vietnam.

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Top things to do in Hue – Vietnam

If you are learning about Hue then you might know, Hue is the old capital of Vietnam in many centuries and Vietnamese usually call this land as “Cố Đô” – the name that shows the ancient and romanic. Also because Hue is the old capital so this land has hundreds of historic sites (Hue citadels, Palaces, Great Tombs of Kings and Queens, Temples,…), dozens of famous landscapes as well as unique culture of people.

If you are wanting to visit Hue then you will want to know things to do in this city – which I’m going to share you. According to my experience, to feel the beauty of this land completely, you should visit it yourself.

Now, these are top things to do in Hue – The old capital of Vietnam:

Top Things to Do in Hue – Vietnam

1. Visiting Hue Citadel (Đại Nội Huế). Hue Citadel was the residence of Royal family under kings of Nguyen dynasty (triều đại Nguyễn – A major dynasty in Vietnam History) from the 19th – 20th century. This is also the big citadel that protected the capital from attacks of enemy forces.

Things to do in Hue - Hue citadel Vietnam travel guide
Hue Citadel

Hue citadel is a great building having complex architecture and contains many palaces, castles, temples and many artificial lakes, hills, moutains,… inside. To visit all of the citadel, you may take one morning but it’s worth to do. Visiting Hue Citadel is not thing you should do in Hue but is thing you must do because Hue people say that: “If you have not visited Hue Citadel, you have not visited Hue.” 

2. Visting Thien Mu temple (chùa Thiên Mụ) – The temple was built in 17th century by Nguyen Hoang lord – who can be considered as the founder of Nguyen dynasty. Thien Mu is not just a temple, it is also a symbol of Hue city, you can see it at every where in Hue. The temple has a high tower (built in 17th century) with unique architecture and many others structures around (built through many centuries from 17th – 19th).

Things to do in Hue - Thien Mu temple in Hue Vietnam
Thien Mu temple

For now, many structures are not exist because of juggernaut of the war but Thien Mu still keeps the beauty of unique architectures as well as nature.

3. Visiting Great Tombs  of kings. Hue is the land of old capital therefore this is also the resting place of many kings and queens of Nguyen dynasty. Most of tombs are very huge like real palaces and built by right the kings who were buried in it. They built the huge tombs for themselves right after taking the kingship to “keep living and ruling the country after death”. Some of tombs were built by next kings for their father or grandfather.

Things to do in Hue - Khai Dinh mausoleum Hue Vietnam
Khai Dinh mausoleum

Many tombs were destroyed by enemies of Nguyen dynasty but the greatest tombs still exist until today. Khai Dinh, Minh Mang and Tu Duc – 3 greatest tombs in Hue that you should visit.

4. Strolling by cyclo in Hue city is the most interesting things to do in Hue (in my opinion)You can choose this vehicle to move in Hue citadel or in Hue city, it’s pretty cheap.

Things to do in Hue - Cyclo in Hue Vietnam
Strolling by cyclo in Hue

Someone asked me any difference between cyclo in Hue (old capital) and Hanoi (current capital)? Yes! Not like Hanoi, Hue is a peaceful city. Strolling by cyclo in Hue is to feel the peace of old capital but not the bustle of current capital. If you used to visit Hanoi, you will feel this difference easily.

5. Eating Rice Oyster (cơm hến). This is a famous specialty of Hue cuisine. This dish includes rice (traditional dish of Vietnamese), vegetables, oyster (the most important), baked ricepaper (bánh tráng), chili and many others (which is very hard to translate into English). It’s very tasty but quite spicy. If you can not eat you have to tell them to do not put chili in. You can taste Rice Oyster at Ms. Teo restaurant on Pham Hong Thai street, the restaurant at 2 – Truong Dinh street or Con Hen (Cồn Hến) street – the street has many Rice and noodle oyster restaurants. 

Things to do in Hue - eating specialties of Hue
Rice oyster – A famous specialty of Hue cuisine

Besides Rice Oyster, there are many others relate to oyster like oyster noodle (bún hến, mỳ hến). These are not specialty of Hue cuisine but also tasty. If having time, you should also try them.

6. Beef Noodle of Hue (bún bò Huế). This is the famous brand name across 3 regions of Vietnam. You can see restaurants selling Hue beef noodle at every where in Vietnam (I often eat Hue beef noodle in Hanoi) but only in Hue, where is origin of this dish, you can enjoy this specialty with true flavor.

Things to do in Hue - Hue beef noodle - Vietnam
Hue beef noodle

You can enjoy this dish at the famous restaurant – O Be restaurant at no. 11B – Ly Thuong Kiet street. 

7. Shoping. Of course, this is the thing to do in every trip. But what would you buy? Hue is famous for traditional goods and crafts. You can choose an Ao Dai (áo dài) – the traditional dress of Vietnam woman – or Non La (nón lá). I saw many foreign visitors wearing Ao Dai and Non La and they look very beautiful.

Top Things to do in Hue  - Vietnam. Ao Dai and Non La Vietnam
Vietnamese girl in Ao Dai and Non La

Lantern or puppet are also good choices. And many interesting things in Hue market are waiting for you.


I’ve visited Hue 2 times before and I will comeback for sure, maybe in next Spring. I have to buy an Ao Dai for my girl friend ^^. If you have any quetion about this article – things to do in Hue, just leave it in a comment and I will reply everyone (if I know) as soon as possible.

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When is the Best Time to Book Flights

1. The truth you should know: Airlines earn much money from understanding our shopping habits. Most of us buy airfares before trips just few days or few weeks. But you should know that:

  • According to research of economists Macoto Wanatabe: 8 weeks before departure is the best time to book airfares.
  • And according to report of airlines, 6 weeks is the best time to book.

So the tip for you: don’t buy tickets too close to departure time. Cheap tickets are usually sold at 4 months before flight departure (5 months with international flights). Also don’t book too soon because it’s difficult to arrange your works. Let’s book at the right time. When? 6 to 10 weeks is the best period!

best time to book flights

2. Traveling on holidays. This is an exeption, let’s book as soon as possible.

3. Airfare always increases very fast before departure time 1 week. Specially, if you buy tickets on right day of departure, you may have to pay more 40% compared to regular fare.

4. Register to recieve reports of airfare via email from airlines to get the most suitable cost.

5. Friday is the day that has most expensive fare. You should only fly at this day if having no choice.

6. You should buy at the beggining of week. Most of cheap tickets are ussually sold at this time.

7. Considering other airports. Big cities ussully have more than one airport and fares can be very different between them.

8. Booking at flight deals sites. I usually book tikets for my trips at Sometime, airfares can be cheaper than market price up to 30%.

Best Pho in Hanoi | Pho Restaurants in Hanoi – Vietnam

If you’re learning about Hanoi, you might also know about Pho – one of the most famous dishes of Vietnam. Hanoi people usually eat pho for breakfast or supper, it’s very easy to eat and good taste. When visiting Hanoi, you can easily enjoy this dish at every where, but to enjoy real taste of traditional Pho, you can not skip one of following restaurants – The best pho in Hanoi.

** If you’re wanting to book a hotel, you can help me to maintain this blog and keep sharing more by booking the hotel at here, on Agoda. (Why’s that? I will be shared a commission of few dollars for each booking and I can use this commission to maintain the blog). I’m very grateful for that!

Best Pho in Hanoi – Vietnam

1. Pho Bat Dan (Phở Bát Đàn)

Pho Bat Dan restaurant - Best pho in Hanoi Vietnam
Pho Bat Dan restaurant

Pho Bat Dan is one of most famous restaurants Hanoi. To get a bowl of pho, you have to queue and wait very long. The restaurant is always very crowded, especially Sat and Sun mornings. Hanoi people get there to enjoy “real pho” of Hanoi which is cooked by artisans according to family recipe for hundreds of years.

I have an advise if you eat at Bat Dan for two. One should order 2 bowls of pho and the rest one will find 2 seats and keep the place. Because the restaurant is very crowded and often not enough seats. The address of Pho Bat Dan restaurant is no. 49 – Bat Dan street, it’s very to find.

2. Pho Thin (Phở Thìn)

Pho Thin restaurant - Best pho in Hanoi Vietnam
Pho Thin restaurant

Pho Thin, at no. 13 – Lo Duc street, has been famous since 1970s. It’s pretty far from the Old Quarter but it’s worth to try. This is the favorite place of Hanoi people and domestic and foreign tourists. My dad, living in Lao Cai city (close to Sapa town), is a gourmet. In a time visiting Hanoi for just 1 day, he spent a haft of morning to wait and enjoy a bowl of pho at Pho Thin. He ate pho at many other restaurants in Hanoi but he said, Pho Thin is really different.

Indeed, the recipe of Pho Thin is almost not change in over 30 years (from 1970s) and it keeps the traditional  flavor of pho Hanoi from hundreds of years ago.

Pho Thin opens from 5am to 9pm and be crowed in all day. 

3. Pho 10 – Ly Quoc Su (Phở 10 – Lý Quốc Sư)

Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su - hanoi
Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su

Be also a famous brand of Pho Hanoi. Pho Ly Quoc Su is having a system of 3 restaurants:

  1. No. 10 – Ly Quoc Su street
  2. No. 42 – Hang Voi street
  3. N2A – Hoang Minh Giam street

But the first place (the original address of the brand) is the best. Pho at here is very delicious and has many flavors and kinds to choose. Broth of pho is very tasty, cooked according to secret recipe of family.

The restaurants open from 6am to 2pm and 5.30pm to 10pm. 

*** I enjoyed pho at all 3 restaurants above and these are reviews from my feel. With 4 next restaurants, I have not tried but they are also favorite restaurants of those who love Pho Hanoi.

4. Pho Vui (Phở Vui – Happy Pho)

Pho Vui restaurant - hanoi
Pho Vui restaurant

Pho Vui is located at no. 25 – Hang Giay street (phố Hàng Giầy), in Old Quarter area – the center of Hanoi city so this is the favorite address of tourists. The restaurant sells many kinds of pho (I really want to list the names of kinds but it’s really hard to translate into English). Many of my friends, including Vietnamese and foreigners, enjoyed pho at here and said it’s very tasty.

If you want to try, there is a big red sign writing “Phở Vui” at the font of restaurant, very easy to find.

5. Beef Pho in sidewalk of Hang Trong street

Pho at sidewalk restaurant - Best pho in Hanoi Vietnam
Pho at sidewalk restaurant in Hang Trong street

If you want to enjoy Pho Hanoi and “sidewalk culture” Hanoi people, let’s get Hang Trong street, you will get both at the same time. You should visit Pho Bung (Phở Bưng) at no. 1 – Hang Trong street. Pho at here is as good as above restaurants but a bit cheaper (because it’s sidewalk restaurant), about $1 – $1.5 / bowl. The restaurant open from 4pm – 8pm.

The above is the list of best pho in Hanoi, hope you will enjoy the traditional taste of Hanoi.