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[Audio] Yes & No in Vietnamese. How to Say Yes & No in Vietnamese?

The next lesson, I will teach you how to say Yes and No in Vietnamese. In English, these words are very easy, just “Yes” and “No”. But in Vietnamese, they’re much more complicated. “Yes” can be “Dạ”, “Vâng”, “Có”, “Đúng”,…. And “No” can be “không”, “chưa”,… OMG, how come there’re so many? Yes, I know, that why I’m here. I will teach you when you should use this word, and when should use the others. Let’s get started!

[Audio] Yes or No in Vietnamese.  How to Say Yes or No in Vietnamese?

How to say NO in Vietnamese?

“No” is easier to say in Vietnamese, the most popular meaning of “No” is “không”: 

“Không” is usually used in informal situation, when the person talking with you are not older than you (or just few years older). In other cases, when that person is many years olther, you should say “dạ không”:

[Audio] How to Say You’re Welcome in Vietnamese?

In the previous article, you knew How to say thank you in Vietnamese. If someone says thanks to you, and as a courtesy, you want to say “you’re welcome”. So how to say that in Vietnamese?

[Audio] How to Say You're Welcome in Vietnamese?

In Vietnamese, “you’re welcome” means “không có gì”:


If you translate word by word, “không có gì” means “it’s nothing, but Vietnamese understand “không có gì” is equivalent to “you’re welcome”.

[Audio] How to Say Thanks, Thank You, Thank You Very Much & You’re Welcome in Vietnamese?

In the previous article, you knew how to say hello in Vietnamese. The next, if someone helps you, and you want to say thank you, how to say that? Of couse, most of Vietnamese people (from child to oldster) can understand the word “thank you”, but they will be more excited if you say their language. So how to say thank you in Vietnamese?

[Audio] Thank You in Vietnamese. How to Say Thank You in Vietnamese?

How do you say thank you in Vietnamese?

Basically, “thank you” and “thanks” are same in Vietnamese, both mean “cảm ơn”: 

[Audio] Hi & Hello in Vietnamese. How to say Hello in Vietnamese?

Hi everyone! It’s very long time from my last article. I was very busy with my job, my trips and my family. But now I’m back (with better English, I guess) and going to make a series of how-to-say articles, that guides how to say simple words and phrases in Vietnamese, such as Hello, Thank you, How are you, Please, Yes or No,… I think these are very important words to communicate when you visit Vietnam. So to begin, this article I will teach how to say Hello in Vietnamese. Let’s get started!

how to say hello in vietnamese

Booking Hotels in Nha Trang with Good Price. Saving up to 63%

When you come to Nha Trang, thing you will find here is the paradise resort with wide beaches, white sand, and pure water sea. These beaches stretching several kilometers with more than 350 small, large hotels, many luxuries five – stars hotels, villas, and resort. Nha Trang is a wonderful destination for you and your family to enjoy summer relaxes or for a couple go on the honeymoon.

You can see the list name of cheap hotels and best serve here as me and my friend’s experience, idea sharing on Travel forums or booking rooms online… This advice will help you saving money and time to have an excellent travel. At the end of each topic I share you the link for booking hotels at Agoda website, you will save more for your travel trip when booking here.

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Nha Trang coastal city - Vietnam
Best Hotels in Nha Trang – Vietnam

best hotels in Nha Trang Vietnam

Here is the list of best hotels in Nha Trang:

Best shoes for traveling reviews

1. Merrell Trail Glove Barefoot

Since my Skechers Trail Running Shoe worn out, I want to find a pair to continue with my training. At first, I googled for some reviews and came across Merrell trail glove barefoot running shoes. I also asked some friends of mine about Merrell’s brand and decide to give it a try. Until now, I’m rather happy with my choice, it’s one of the best shoes for traveling.

I often train at the gym 4 5 days a week, run on the other days. So I choose shoes which can be used for many purposes and have high durability. These barefoot running shoes gave me the first impression as a simple and lightweight pair.

Merrell Trail Glove Barefoot Trail Running Shoe - best shoes for traveling
Merrell Trail Glove Barefoot Trail Running Shoe Reviews

Top Things to Do in Hue – Vietnam. What to do in Hue for 3 days?

Hue is the ancient capital of Vietnam. I visited Hue twice with many different emotions, but one thing never changes, the silence. Any one who visited Hue probably have had similar experiences. There seems so few people on the streets, life is passing very slow, and even a little sad. So, why go to Hue?!

Hue is the capital of Vietnam’s last feudalistic dynasty, hence preserves numerous pagodas, temples, palaces and especially the magnificent citadel. And the people of this ancient capital are amazingly wonderful too. Don’t forget the local food! Definitely worth a visit! In this article, I’m happy to share with you my experiences, tips and things to do in Hue – Vietnam. 

Top Things to Do in Hue - Vietnam
Top Things to Do in Hue – Vietnam

How to get to Hue

If you’re in Hanoi or Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh city), you can travel to Hue by bus or train. While bus is generally faster and more convenient with many high quality companies offering sleeper services, train is also a good choice for those who prefer a more peaceful trip.

When is the Best Time to Book Flights

1. The truth you should know: Airlines earn much money from understanding our shopping habits. Most of us buy airfares before trips just few days or few weeks. But you should know that:

  • According to research of economists Macoto Wanatabe: 8 weeks before departure is the best time to book airfares.
  • And according to report of airlines, 6 weeks is the best time to book.

So the tip for you: don’t buy tickets too close to departure time. Cheap tickets are usually sold at 4 months before flight departure (5 months with international flights). Also don’t book too soon because it’s difficult to arrange your works. Let’s book at the right time. When? 6 to 10 weeks is the best period!

best time to book flights

2. Traveling on holidays. This is an exeption, let’s book as soon as possible.

3. Airfare always increases very fast before departure time 1 week. Specially, if you buy tickets on right day of departure, you may have to pay more 40% compared to regular fare.

Best Pho in Hanoi | Pho Restaurants in Hanoi – Vietnam

Hello! I suppose you all must have heard about Pho, one of the most famous dishes of Vietnam, somewhere. No suprise it has officially become a word in English dictionary now. And if you’re visiting Hanoi soon, honestly, you MUST NOT miss this thrilling treat!

Hanoians often have Pho for breakfast. Pho is such a delighting dish, a balance combination of complicated aromas and ingredients. It can easily be found everywhere in Hanoi, but to get the authentic taste of traditional Pho, you should consider following restaurants – The best pho in Hanoi.

Best Pho in Hanoi – Vietnam

1. Pho Bat Dan (Phở Bát Đàn)

Pho Bat Dan restaurant - Best pho in Hanoi Vietnam
Pho Bat Dan restaurant

Pho Bat Dan is one of most famous Pho restaurants of Hanoi. To get a bowl of pho, you have to queue and wait rather long. That alone tells you how yummy it is to local people. The restaurant is always very crowded, especially on Sat and Sun mornings. Hanoi people get there to enjoy “real pho” of Hanoi cooked by artisans following a hundred-year-old family recipe.

Halong Bay Vietnam: Attractions and Specialties

Halong Bay – Unique marvel of nature

Located 150km from Hanoi, Halong Bay – Vietnam is a spectacular island waters of Quang Ninh, a top-leading marine tourism site in Vietnam. With outstanding value in the universal landscape and geology, Ha Long Bay has twice been recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage.

Halong bay - Vietnam
Halong bay – Vietnam

Halong Bay with nearly 2000 multifold “pearl” islands above sea level, covering an area of ​​over 1500 square kilometers, creating an extremely poetic and majestic natural wonder. The abundance of styles and the diversity in shapes of thousands of islands creates a forest of natural sculptures, a rare natural impression over the world with the fortified attraction and capacities satisfying the rich imagination of humans.

>> Learn More: Halong bay – Vietnam travel guide article

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