Phuot (travel on motorbike) – the best way to travel in Vietnam

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As a guy having many experiences in Phuot (a rising way of travel on motorbike in Vietnam), I wish to share with our happy stories of passion.  

Phuot (phượt) to me is simply travelling on motorbike to a distant land. Many people consider travelling on other private vehicles is also a form of phuot (not me though, to me phuot translates to only motorbike), but motorbike is most popular and the best way to visit strange places whose roads are largely undeveloped.

So, why self-service travelling while tours are so cheap and easily accessed now!? You don’t have to worry about accomodation, about your going from place to place, or about what to eat!?. Easy answer because you can go to and stop for wherever you want and spend almost as much as you feel like without being rushed (quite aggressively) from place to place. With phuot trip, you can follow your own itinerary with no limited time, explore new places that haven’t even been on travel maps. 

Phuot - The most amazing way to travel in Vietnam
Phuot – The most amazing way to travel in Vietnam

Phuot people, who are we?

We usually phuot in teams, about 4 to 20 members divided into pairs, including 1 driver (or xếis how we call the drivers) and 1 hugger ( or ôm, the driver’s company, usually a girl). We (members of a phuot team) can be anyone, a businessman, shop owner, engineer, journalist, worker or student, rich or poor, elderly or young. All of us share an endless passion: passion for the roads. We love travelling, exploring and can’t sit still. We try to get to places where few people know or want to visit.

Phuot travel by motorbike - best way to travel in Vietnam
A quik meal on route

How do we nurture the Phuot passion?

As mentioned above, we can be anyone, working any job. We also have a regular daily life like others and also have to earn money. But, the most of money ear are spent on Phuot gears: a nice motorbike with full accessories, a good medical kit to reduce risk on trip, a large durable backpack for many items. And the most important, a camera, it can be an amateur or pro (or semi-pro) with cool lens (often expensive) to save every beautiful and memorable moments of the landscapes and the people on our way. Other costs also go to  accommodations, food and gasonline, which are all hard earned but happy spent. 

Phuot travel by motorbike - best way to travel in Vietnam
We love roads

What I got from my Phuot trips?

Lots! Because if you have a souls that constantly scream for being on the road, nothing can be more amazing than the feeling of being on the ride, getting to the places where you have been dreaming, standing on top and screaming and shouting to the world that you’re living a wild and free youth. It’s satisfying and you’re simply craving for more. 

What’s even more amazing is you get to make friends and feel like home everywhere. You and your trip companion take care and help each other like a family. And then you share your beautiful days and night singing along other team members, those who share the same passion for going.

Phuot - travel by motorbike - best way to travel in Vietnam
This is our biggest happiness

Finally, I want to say that…

For us, life is a journey of trips. If you’re going to visit Vietnam and want to have a amazing trip, don’t get yourself stuck in tours. Why not go for a Phuot trip or join with us to experience unforgettable moments. Vietnam’s Phuot community always welcomes all of you!

Phuot (travel on motorbike) – the best way to travel in Vietnam
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