Things to see in Mui Ne. What to eat in Mui Ne – Phan Thiet Vietnam

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Mui Ne is a famous tourist center in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan, Vietnam. It is only 22km away from the center of Phan Thiet. The nature of Mui Ne is a gift from god. The stunning and heaven-like landscape with emerald sea water and endless golden sandy beaches there offers favorable conditions for tourism development. It is considered an ideal resort for tourists. Moreover, it has also become an inspiration for many artists and photographers.

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Mui Ne Vietnam travel guide
Mui Ne Vietnam – The land of sea and sand

Additionally, Mui Ne is also popular among tourists for its the historical and cultural relics influenced by different ethnic group’s culture such as Kinh, Cham, or Chinese, etc.

With the development of tourism, there is a steady increase in the number of hotels and resorts in the area. Up to now, the number of high-quality resorts in Mui Ne has accounted for 70% of the total number of resorts in Vietnam. Therefore, Mui Ne is also known as the  “capital of resorts” or “heaven of tranquillity and relaxation” in Vietnam.

Mui Ne Vietnam travel guide

Things to see & to do in Mui Ne – Phan Thiet Vietnam

In Mui Ne

Fairy spring (or bamboo stream) is one of the most stunning attractions in Mui Ne. It is famous for the special red-orange water and the majestic landscape on the sides. Along the stream is a red sand cliff of different and unique shapes.

Angel stream in Mui Ne vietnam
Fairy stream

Hon Rom is a small mountain. There is no word that can fully express the beauty of this place. Hon Rom has peaceful atmosphere with calm pure water and beautiful sand dunes stretching for over 17 km. Until now, Hon Rom Beach still remains its pristine beauty which has not been exploited for tourism.

Mui Ne Flying Sand Dunes (or Sand Hill) is huge white sand dunes stretching for a long distance. They are near Fairy stream. Flying Sand Dunes have long been a must-see site in Mui Ne for tourists. It is not only loved for its beautiful landscape and unique sand color, but also for a wide range of outdoor activities on sand such as boarding, surfing, skiing or playing golf on the sand, etc.

Flying sand hill in Mui Ne Vietnam
Playing game in Flying sand hill

Mui Ne Beaches involve different beaches, most of which are shallow sea areas with fresh pure water and white sandy beach stretching for miles. Mum Ne beaches have not been exploited yet, therefore, it still remains its pristine beauty. What is so special about Mui Ne is that though it is located in the tropical region, it is hardly affected by summer storms.

Mui Ne beach Vietnam travel guide
Mui Ne beach

Nearby Mui Ne

Lotus Lake (or White Lake) is 18km from Hon Rom. In the summer, the lake is mostly covered by blooming lotus flower, which creates an incredibly awesome view. The lake is surrounded by endless huge white sand dunes, which overwhelms the tourists right at first sight. The peace and beauty of the lake make it an ideal place for resting and sightseeing.

Sen Lake in Mui Ne vietnam
Lotus Lake

The Prince’s Castle is another well-known attraction in Mui Ne and associated with a famous Vietnamese poet – Han Mac Tu. It is located at the top of Ba Nai mountain. In the past, it used to be a palatial and magnificent structure. However, the castle was then destroyed during the war. Along with the lack of preservation, there now remains only the relics of the castle. Though it is now devastated, it is still valued for its ancient look and uniqueness.

PoSahInu Tower is relics of Shiva temples of Cham ethnic group, which were built in the ninth century. The tower is 7 kilometers away from Phan Thiet city center. The tower is an example of Cham ethnic group’s sensitivity and level of architecture and decorative art.

PoSahinu anicent tower in Mui ne Vietnam
PoSahInu anicent tower

Van Thuy Tu Temple is the worshipping place of Whales. It is located near the sea. Inside the temple, there is a huge area to conduct burial ceremony of stranded whales. There are many skeletons of whales displayed in the temple. Beside, in the past, the temple was the place where Nguyen Kings gave ordained orders. Many of those orders are still well preserved in Van Thuy Tu temple until now.

What to eat in Mui Ne – Phan Thiet

Dong is a kind of reptile living in caves under the sand. It is a very famous and unique specialty of Mui Ne – Phan Thiet 

Grilled rice paper with shrimp paste is a well-known dish in Southern Vietnam. The process to make this dish is a bit sophisticated with different requirements about ingredients and the thickness of rice paper.

Specialties in Mui Ne Vietnam
Grilled rice paper with shrimp paste

Phan Thiet noodle soup with fried fish cake is another famous specialty in Phan Thiet. It is also very popular in the southern provinces of Vietnam. 

“Can” Cake is a kind of crunchy rice cake made from ground rice. The main toppings of the cake include shrimp and minced pork.

“Quai Vac” Cake of Phan Thiet is quite similar to pillow-shaped cake of Northern Vietnam. The cake has dough made from wheat flour and is stuffed with minced shrimp and pork marinated with fish sauce, salt, pepper and sugar. The cake is then deep-fried and served with special dipping sauce. This dish is widely sold at food stalls on the pavements.

Seafood Salad is made from different kinds of raw fish or baler snails (melo melo). It is served with fresh vegetables and vermicelli or with rice paper.

Raw snail in Mui Ne Phan Thiet Vietnam
Seafood Salad

Spanner Crab is the top delicious specialty in Binh Thuan, Vietnam. The crab is as big as a hand and looks like a giant bug. The crab meat is delicious, sweet and fragrant.

Grilled dried squid is made by drying fresh squids under strong sunlight and then grilling. It is tasty and jelly. The dish is loved by both domestic and foreign tourists.

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Things to see in Mui Ne. What to eat in Mui Ne – Phan Thiet Vietnam
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