[Audio] Yes & No in Vietnamese. How to Say Yes & No in Vietnamese?

The next lesson, I will teach you how to say Yes and No in Vietnamese. In English, these words are very easy, just “Yes” and “No”. But in Vietnamese, they’re much more complicated. “Yes” can be “Dạ”, “Vâng”, “Có”, “Đúng”,…. And “No” can be “không”, “chưa”,… OMG, how come there’re so many? Yes, I know, that why I’m here. I will teach you when you should use this word, and when should use the others. Let’s get started!

[Audio] Yes or No in Vietnamese.  How to Say Yes or No in Vietnamese?

How to say NO in Vietnamese?

“No” is easier to say in Vietnamese, the most popular meaning of “No” is “không”: 

“Không” is usually used in informal situation, when the person talking with you are not older than you (or just few years older). In other cases, when that person is many years olther, you should say “dạ không”:

[Audio] How to Say You’re Welcome in Vietnamese?

In the previous article, you knew How to say thank you in Vietnamese. If someone says thanks to you, and as a courtesy, you want to say “you’re welcome”. So how to say that in Vietnamese?

[Audio] How to Say You're Welcome in Vietnamese?

In Vietnamese, “you’re welcome” means “không có gì”:


If you translate word by word, “không có gì” means “it’s nothing, but Vietnamese understand “không có gì” is equivalent to “you’re welcome”.

[Audio] How to Say Thanks, Thank You, Thank You Very Much & You’re Welcome in Vietnamese?

In the previous article, you knew how to say hello in Vietnamese. The next, if someone helps you, and you want to say thank you, how to say that? Of couse, most of Vietnamese people (from child to oldster) can understand the word “thank you”, but they will be more excited if you say their language. So how to say thank you in Vietnamese?

[Audio] Thank You in Vietnamese. How to Say Thank You in Vietnamese?

How do you say thank you in Vietnamese?

Basically, “thank you” and “thanks” are same in Vietnamese, both mean “cảm ơn”: 

[Audio] Hi & Hello in Vietnamese. How to say Hello in Vietnamese?

Hi everyone! It’s very long time from my last article. I was very busy with my job, my trips and my family. But now I’m back (with better English, I guess) and going to make a series of how-to-say articles, that guides how to say simple words and phrases in Vietnamese, such as Hello, Thank you, How are you, Please, Yes or No,… I think these are very important words to communicate when you visit Vietnam. So to begin, this article I will teach how to say Hello in Vietnamese. Let’s get started!

how to say hello in vietnamese

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