Best things to do & to see in Dalat – Vietnam. What & where to eat in Dalat?

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Dalat is such a romantic and peaceful city. Each visit to Dalat to me just feels like being so lost in Europe. The poetic scenes of immense endless pine forests calm me down. Let’s visit the spectacular Dalat and enjoy the nature or simply to live a bit more slowly.
Based on my personal experiences together with some other reference sources, I will share with you my valuable tips, experiences and top things to do in Dalat, Vietnam. Hope you will also have a great time in this beautiful city.

Top things to do in Dalat - Vietnam
Top things to do in Dalat – Vietnam

How to get to Dalat?

There are two most common ways that people often choose to get to Dalat: by air and high quality buses.

Flying to Dalat, you can choose either Vietjetair or VietnamAirlines, to depart from Ho Chi Minh or Ha Noi city. These arilines always offer Cheap Airfare.
You can also go by sleeper buses from Saigon. I usually choose Phuong Trang car, a company with good reputation and quality.

top things to do in dalat vietnam
Dalat – The flower city

Best Hotels in Dalat city 

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There are many cheap lodgings in Dalat. Here are some hotels you should consider:

1. Hotel Hai Uyen

Phone: 0902.435.245 / Cellphone: 0633.510.733 / Add: 67 – Nam Ky Khoi Nghia 

This hotel is highly recommended. I have stayed here 2 times when visiting Da Lat. Their staff are nice and very friendly. You should order room in advance

2. Nhu Anh Hotel. Add: 33 Vo Truong Toan, behind Dalat University

Price for a clean and quiet double room is 15$. This hotel have only 6 rooms, which actually looks like a villa. There is a small garden, and the balcony upstairs overlooking the small lake behind the university. You can sit there, drinking coffee all mornings, watching the wide green space and enjoying the comfortable solitude.

3. Ladophar hotel.  Address: 34 -Hoa Binh, situated in the heart of Dalat. 

Phone Number: 063.3510993 / 0976.210.610 (Mr. Tu)

This hotel is 1 star standard, convenient and clean. About 15$/double room.

4. Hoang Nam motel. Contact Mr.Phong Tel: 0986684000. The lodging has average price from 9$/day/double room. Clean, quiet and comfortable!

5. Lan Anh Motels. Add: 09 Nguyen Trai street. Prices in 2011: 8$/double room

Dalat villas for group of 30 tourists. 

Villa in Dalat city Vietnam travel guide
A villa in Dalat

6. Hoa Hong (Rose) Villa. Phone: 01666060589 and 0977958575. Add: 35 Tran Binh Trong. 

About 100$/day/30 tourists

7. No. 14 Villa. Add: 01 – Quang Trung street. 

The Villa was built in 1930 and has been renovated. The owners are Mrs.Hoa and Thuc (her son), very enthusiastic, hospital and thoughtful. 

Reasonable price: 30$K/room. This is an ideal place for a family.

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Moving in Dalat

From the airport to the center of Dalat. 

Thang Loi taxi: 10$/ride, from the airport to anywhere in the city. Tel: 063. 383 5583

Bus: 2$/ride, from the airport to Dalat market (at center of city). 

Renting vehicles in Dalat

* Mortocycle

– Shop on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street. Phone: 0633700687. Cost around 4-5$/day. 

– Kiet Lien shop at 5 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street. Phone: 063.832619 or 0918 012 843

– Hug Vehicles. If you don’t know how to drive a motorcycle, you can choose the motorbike taxi but remember to check the price before you go. 

* Tandem

Area around Xuan Huong lake is a great option if you want to cycle on a tandem. To rent one, you need ID (and money). 

Dalat city Vietnam travel guide
Tandem is popular in the “flowers city”

* Electric car

This is a service of Dalat Mai Linh taxi. An electric car can carry 6 people. With 0.3$, you will be on a ride around Xuan Huong lake.

* Car

Add: 18b/2 Phu Dong Thien Vuong street. Phone: 063.6287.418 – 0909.951.087 

Taxis in DaLat

– Dalat Mai Ling taxi. Phone: or 0633.521.111

– Anh Dao Taxi: Phone: 063. 3570570 

– Taxi Toserco Dalat. Phone: 063. 3830 830 

– Thang Loi Taxi. Phone: 063. 3835 835

What & Where to eat in Dalat – Vietnam?

1. Noodle (phở or bún)

Noodle in Dalat is very tasty and cheap, just from 1$/bowl. 

Breakfast at Hoang Binh area, with many restaurants, that have become familiar with locals and tourists are Tung noodleBac Huong noodle and riceHieu noodle,…

If you don’t want to have breakfast in the city center, you can try other famous restaurants such as: Thien Trang noodle – Ho Tung Mau street, Hoang Van Thu noodleQuang noodle – Ha Huy Tap street, Ha Noi noodle – Hai Thuong Lan Ong street, Vi noodle – Phan Chu Trinh intersection. 

2. Bánh canh Xuan Anh is located near Dalat post office. The restaurant also serves  another delicious dish called “Chu Cha”, at just 1,5$/bowl. 

3. Bánh bèo no.4 at Phan Dinh Phung Street, near the Hong Hung petrol station. 1$/ plate. 

Banh Beo Dalat Vietnam travel guide
Banh Beo – A specialty of Dalat

Banh Beo is a specialty of Dalat, locals and tourists love this dish. 

4. Tai Ky restaurant. Add: Bui Thi Xuan street, 900m from Xuan Huong lake. 

There are many options such as chicken, pigeon, beef tendon, pig tendon, and pig brain. Price: 3$ – 5$

5. Chinese restaurant located on Phan Dinh Phung street has a dish that is called Wonton noodles (mì hoành thánh), very tasty for only 1,5$/bowl. 

6. Baked roll Ba Hung. 254 – Phan Dinh Phung. 

Baked roll Ba Hung is a specialty of Dalat that can’t be found anywhere else. It is the peanut-y sauce that distinguishes Ba Hung Restaurant.

7. Cha Ram Bap is like a special spring roll version with corn filling.

specialties in Dalat Vietnam travel guide
Cha Ram Bap

Don’t miss out this dish when visiting to Dalat. Youths in Dalat love Cha ram bap because it’s very tasty and cheap. There are many Cha ram Bap restaurants or you can enjoy it on any streets in Dalat city. 

Best things to see in Dalat – Vietnam

Dalat has many places to visit. Below is my recommendation:

– Doi Mong Mo (Dream Hill)

– Lieng Rowoa (Elephant fall)

– Xe lua Pho Nui

– Bao Dai Villa (villa of Bao Dai king, built in the early 20th century)

– Prenn fall

– Ho Dankina – Suoi Vang (Dankina lake – Gold stream)

– Lang Bian mount

– Thung lung Tình Yêu (Love Valley)

attractions in Dalat vietnam
Love Valley

– Doi Cu (Cu hill)

– Ho Tuyen Lam (Tuyen Lam lake)

– Ho Than Tho (Than Tho lake)

– Ho Xuan Huong  (Xuan Huong lake)

– Thac Hang Cop (Hang Cop Fall)

– Thac Datanla (Datanla fall)

Best things to do in Dalat

If possible, let’s drive up the hill in the evening, to watch city lights dim in the night dew. 

Next, set aside a few hours to visit the city  flowers garden, Dalat train station, villa 1, 2 ,3.

Top things to do in Dalat Vietnam
Flowers garden of city

Dalat foods are very tasty and cheap. Feel free to ask the locals, they are willing to guide you.

You should rent a double or triple bike to cycle around Xuan Huong lake. 

If you want to buy fruits or confectionery, you should buy in market, don’t buy in shop or from peddlers because it’s expensive and not tasty.

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Best things to do & to see in Dalat – Vietnam. What & where to eat in Dalat?
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  1. Hello Dat,

    Thanks forthis website, it’s really helpful as I’m travelling in Vietnam.
    I read your post about Dalat and wanted to taste the Baked roll Ba Hung. But people in the restaurant were not speaking english… and didn’t understand what was baked rolls so I ordered the only thing that was written on the wall “Nem Nuong”. Are they the famous baked rolls?

    Thanks for your reply.



  2. Hi Julien, thanks for your reply!
    “Nem Nuong” (Nem nướng) is the Vietnamese name of “baked roll”. And Ba Hung (Bà Hùng) is the the name of a famous restaurant in Da Lat. So you have to get Ba Hung restaurant (254 – Phan Dinh Phung street) and order a Nem Nuong plate, you will have Ba Hung baked roll (nem nướng Bà Hùng).
    Good luck! Can you let me and other readers know your thoughts about this after trying it?!


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