Best things to do & to see in Da Nang – Vietnam. What & where to eat in Da Nang?

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Da Nang is the center of culture and tourism in Central Vietnam. From here, you can combine travelling to many other places such as Hoi An ancient town, Nha Trang beach, Ba Na hill, Hue ancient capital. But Da Nang alone already has a lot to visit. It is the most worthy place to live within Vietnam. No kidding. Check out why!

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Top things to do in Da Nang - Vietnam
Da Nang city – Vietnam

Best things to do & to see in Da Nang – Vietnam

If you have only 1 day, go for main attractions such as: Dragon bridge (cầu Rồng ), Champa museumLinh Ung pagoda (chùa Linh Ứng), one of the beaches of Non NuocMy AnMy Ke; Han river bridge (at night) and one of the two following places: Son Tra peninsula (bán đảo Sơn Trà) or Ngu Hanh Son mountain (Ngũ Hành Sơn).

Top things to do in Da Nang - Vietnam
Han river bridge is charming at night

– If you have 2 days, you should include Ba Na hill in your schedule. You can go to Ba Na by car or motorbikes (rent in Da Nang city). I prefer going by motor, it’s more convenient for taking photos. 

– If you have more time, about 6 days, you should combine Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An. 3 days in Hue, 2 days in Da Nang and 1 day in Hoi An. 

Things to do in Da Nang for a 1-day trip

– Early morning, drive to Son Tra peninsula (cross Han river bridge and go straight AH17 highway) and go up the mountain. The view I promise is breathtaking. Don’t forget to visit Ling Ung pagoda on the way up, and back to the city for lunch following Dragon bridge. 

Ling Ung pagoda - Da Nang vietnam travel guide
Linh Ung pagoda – The bigest pagoda in Da Nang

– Afternoon: visit Champa museum (inside the city), then spend time at one of the beaches: Non Nuoc, My An, My Khe. 

– Evening: Enjoy the seafood, visit Han River bridge and dream about this beautiful city in your sleep. 

* 2-day trip

– Day 1: Follow the above schedule. 

– Day 2: visit Ba Na hill, a famous tourist resort of Da Nang. 

After reaching the hill (by car or motor), there are 3 ways to climb the peak. 

Ba Na hill in Da Nang Vietnam
Ba Na hill

+ Cable car. This is the popular way, fastest and shortest. Fares is about $20, including ticket of amusement park (on the peak). 

+ Road. There is an old road that allows only walking, no vehicles and takes a long time.

+ Trail. It’s steep and difficult, only suitable for those who have more time. 

If having least 5 days, you should combine traveling Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An, they’re very close together. 2 days for Hue, 2 days in Da Nang and 1 day for Hoi An.

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Renting motorbikes in Da Nang

– Anh Tuan motorbike company, near Da Nang airport. Add: 143/10 Tieu La. Tel: +84 905.70.80.90 or +84 1246.70.80.90 website: 

– XE TOT company. Add: 299 – Nguyen Van Thoai street. Tel: +84 906.40.80.40 (Delivery ). Rates are from $4 to $6, depending on travel season. 

– Truong Dat motor. Add: 17 – An Thuong 6. Tel: +84 969.722.744. Cheap and fast delivery. 

– Mr. Le Truong rent cars from 4 to 15 seats, and big cc motors, from 250 cc to 1000cc. Contact: +84 988.007.001 or +84 969.822.844

Riding a motorbike around city - Top things to do in Da Nang - Vietnam
I love traveling by motor


Best Hotels in Da Nang

1. Duy Hoang hotel at 112 – Nguyen Tri Thanh street is only 5 minutes walk from Han river bridge and Han market. Around the hotel, there are many restaurants, cafes, snacks…. Rate is $12/night. The rooms are clean and comfortable. Tel: +8491.3490 778 or +84511.3823 254.

2. Hotel at 4-Le Duan. Hotelier is Ms. Dung, very beautiful and nice. Rate is about $17 to $20/double room. Contact: +84903.506.454 or +84905.415.615

3. Sion hotel. Add 17/7 – Hoang Van Thu street (in a alley of Hoang Van Thu street). Room is very nice. Rate is from $15 to $20. Tel: +84 511 3828 333

4. Hoang Lan hotel, 189 – Nguyen Van Thoai street, near My Khe beach. Tel: Phone +84511.3836777. Rate: $8/double room. 

5. Phuong Trang hotel, 142 – Bach Dang street, price arount $13 to $15. Tel: +84 5113. 899 990.

6. Lan Phuong hotel, 25 – Phan Chu Trinh, behind Da Nang Opera House, in center of city. Tel: +84511 3832556. Rate: $13 / double room. 

7. Cong Doan hotel, on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, in city center, tel: +84511 3823 993. Rate is very cheap, $13/ large room (4 people). 

8. Rainbow hotel. 220 – Bach Dang street, Tel: +84511.3822 216 or +84 511.356 5767. Rates: $17 to $20 / room. 

9. Minosa hotel is quite luxurious. Z12, 13 – Tran Hung Dao street. Tel: +84 511.3931 901. Rates are from $17. 

10. Sunet Bay Da Nang hotel, a 3-star hotel. 31 – Nguyen Tat Thanh street, tel: +84511 3743 888. Rates are from $20 / night. 

Resorts in Da Nang

1. Hyatt Regency Da Nang Resort.

The resort is new and has spacious campus, modern design, luxurious room, long beach and fine sand. If you stay in Ocean room, you can have spectacular sunrise view. However, because it’s new so having little trees. It’s far from city too (about 10km).

resort in Da Nang Vietnam
Hyatt Regency Da Nang Resort

2. Furama Resort

The resort is near the city center, with many restaurants on My Khe beach around. It has beautiful gardens, nice pool, lots of tree. Older facilities, higher price but personally a better choice 

>> Chech out Over 300 hotesl in Da Nang city

What & Where to eat in Da Nang city

1. Pork rolls (Bánh tráng thịt heo). 

– Tran restaurant (Quán Trần ) on Hai Phong street. 

– Mau restaurant (Quán Mậu ) at 35 – Do Thuc Tinh street. 

Pork rice paper in Da nang
Pork rice paper

2. Fresh and tasty seafood. 

– Ba Thoi restaurant on Le Dinh Duong street. 

– My Hanh on My Khe beach. 

3. Sauce noodle (bún mắm ). Ba Thuyen restaurant (Bà Thuyên) on Le Duan and Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street. 

4. Quang noodle (Mì Quảng) at no.1 – Hai Phong street. 

5. Bread soup (bánh canh ). 

– There are some restaurants along Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street.

– Mi Quang sidewalk is on Hai Phong street, between C hospital and Chi Lang stadium. 

6. Banh nam (bánh nậm ) on Hoang Van Thu street. 

7. Duck congee (cháo vịt ) at the end of Phan Chu Trinh street. 

8. Cau Lau and chicken rice (Cao Lầu và Cơm gà), famous specialties of Hoi An. 

There is a restaurant on Le Dinh Duong street, opposite to Lam Truc Vien restaurant. 

specialties in Da Nang Vietnam
Cao Lau Hoi An in Da Nang city

9. Banh Xeo (Bánh xèo – Vietnamese pancake/savory crepe). 

10. Soy rice paper (bánh tráng tương ) and bánh tráng đập are sold on Phan Chu Trinh street. 

11. Ice cream and Coconut milk in Huong restaurant on Phan Chu Trinh street, Xuan Trang restaurant on Tran Binh Trong street. 

12. Tre (Tré) Ba De on Hai Phong street. 

13. Ho Tay Shrimp cake, a specialty of Ha Noi capital, is sold on Nui Thanh road. 

14. Fish cake noodle (bún chả cá ) on Nguyen Tri Thanh, Le Hong Phong, Le Dinh Duong streets. 

15. Bun Rieu (bún riêu – a noodle dish is made from crab) and barbecue noodle (bún thịt nướng) on Yen Bai street. 

Top things to do in Da Nang - Vietnam
Bun rieu

16. Bánh ướt (steamed rice roll) is sold in all of markets, very delicious. 

17. Eel porridge (cháo lươn) is on Le Duan street. 

18. Chicken sticky rice (xôi gà) and chicken noodle (bún gà) on Le Hong Phong street, next to the tennis court. And a restaurant is on Hoang Dieu street, near Tran Van On school, only open in the morning. 

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>> Chech out Over 300 hotesl in Da Nang city

Best things to do & to see in Da Nang – Vietnam. What & where to eat in Da Nang?
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