Best things to do & to see in Cat Ba island- Vietnam. What & where to eat in Cat Ba?

Cat Ba is the biggest island of Hai Phong city, famous for very beautiful beaches, national park, Lan Ha bay (a miniature Ha Long bay ),… and interesting activities. There are many ways to travel to Cat Ba. You may combine travelling to Ha Long bay then get to Cat Ba by ferry, or go to Cat Ba from Hai Phong city.

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Cat Ba islands travel guide - Things to do in Cat Ba for 1 day?
Cat Ba islands travel guide – Things to do in Cat Ba for 1 day?

How to get to Cat Ba from Hanoi?

1. From Hanoi

– The easiest and fastest way is buying ticket of Hoang Long bus firm. The ticket includes Hoang Long bus from Hanoi to Hai Phong city, and Hoang Long high-speed ship from Hai Phong to Cat Ba. 

2 Offices of Hoang Long bus in Hanoi:

+ 1A Nam Dong, Dong Da district, Hanoi. Tel: 8494 321 19 00

+ 19 Thuoc Bac, Hang Bo, Hoan Kiem district, Ha Noi. Tel: 844 6295 5565

– Another way is if you want to travel to Cat Ba by motorbike or car, you may get to Hai Phong city then ask for the way to Dinh Vu or Ben Got ferry. You can bring motorbike or car up the ferry. These ferries have 37 trips/day, about 1 hour/trip from 6a.m to 6p.m. 

If you don’t want to go by ferry, you may choose high-speed ship. You go from Hanoi and stop at Lac Long bridge, then go to Ben Binh dock and buy ship ticket to Cat Ba island. However, you can’t bring the car or motorbike with this option. 

2. From Ha Long bay

– You may go to Cat Ba island by Tuan Chau ferry, however, in tourism season (from May to Aug), the ferry is usually overloaded. The last ferry leaves at 3pm. 

– There are 2 other ways to go to Cat Ba from Ha Long:

+ When renting ship to visit Ha Long bay, you may ask if the ship also goes to Cat Ba. 

+ If you buy Ha Long tour from travel company, you may ask for ship instruction to Cat Ba island. 

Cat Ba in tourism season
Cat Ba in tourism season


Best Hotels in Cat Ba

Average hotels range from $8 to $15/day. During high season (May to Aug ), these can go up to from $15 to $25/day. There are many hotels so if travelling in low season, you don’t need to book in advance. Following is some hotels that you may want to check out:

1. Huong Ly hotel, 500m from the the berth. Small hotel but spacious rooms and affordable. Contact Mr. Hieu: +84977.894.883 

2. Thuy Duong hotel on Nui Ngoc street, has 40 rooms. Prices from $30 to $40 in high season. Phone: +841687.991.908

3. Phu Thanh has 20 rooms. Phone: +8497.363.6878

4. Hoang Ngoc hotel, near the luxury hotel Holiday View. 

5. Ha Dung hotel at 15 Nui Ngoc street. This hotel is suitable for small groups. Prices on weekend are from $25 to $35/6 people/room. 

6. My Ngoc Hotel, +8431.388.8422 – 3888.199 – Fax: +8431.3888.199

7. Thuy Anh +8491.2237.980 or +8431.3888.132 

8. Sea Dragon +84313.887.468. 

9. My Tea +84313.888.650

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Cat Ba island - Vietnam travel
Majestic mountains on Cat Ba island


Where to eat in Cat Ba island?

There are many choices in the town, remember to ask the price before eating. My advice is avoid eating at the eateries on rafts, which offer nothing-special food at a higher price. Go for some seafood restaurants near Holiday View hotel, on way to go to Cat Co beach. In the afternoon, you may drink beer in the sidewalk-pubs, near the market or eat in the market. 

Things to do and see in Cat Ba island

– Stroll around Lan Ha bay (it’s quite like Ha Long bay but smaller), play in Viet Hai village, and visit Monkey island (Đảo Khỉ, there are many monkeys on the island). You have to go to Ben Beo dock (Bến Bèo ) to rent ship. 

If you travel in big group then rent a ship, prices from $60 to $80, or higher, depending on where you will visit. Otherwise, you can buy attraction tickets, then rent a motorboat.

Cat Ba islands travel guide - Things to do in Cat Ba for 1 day?
Monkey island

– Visiting attractions on the island. You should rent a motorbike. Ask the motortaxis for contact detail and avoid renting motor in hotels. Then, swim on Cat Co beaches, visit Quan Y cave (hang Quân Y, should visit), walk in Cat Ba national park, ride motorbike around the island and stop at beautiful beach to watch the sea.

Remember to have a travel map of Cat Ba (ask at the dock or your hotel) with you.

– Evening: Have a drink at the berth to feel the wind, stroll on beaches and watch the sea at night. Remember to go back the hotel early to avoid trouble though.

Besides, you may go squidding and fishing at night, it’s very interesting. 

– Adventure tourism. There are 2 types, climbing, diving and kayak. These tours are quite expensive. You may find out their info at tourist info booth in the town center or Ben Beo dock. 

Cat Ba islands travel guide - Things to do in Cat Ba for 1 day?
Diving in Cat Ba

Combine Ha Long bay and Cat Ba island

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Best things to do & to see in Cat Ba island- Vietnam. What & where to eat in Cat Ba?
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