Best shoes for traveling reviews

1. Merrell Trail Glove Barefoot

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Since my Skechers Trail Running Shoe worn out, I want to find a pair to continue with my training. At first, I googled for some reviews and came across Merrell trail glove barefoot running shoes. I also asked some friends of mine about Merrell’s brand and decide to give it a try. Until now, I’m rather happy with my choice, it’s one of the best shoes for traveling.

I often train at the gym 4 5 days a week, run on the other days. So I choose shoes which can be used for many purposes and have high durability. These barefoot running shoes gave me the first impression as a simple and lightweight pair.

Merrell Trail Glove Barefoot Trail Running Shoe - best shoes for traveling
Merrell Trail Glove Barefoot Trail Running Shoe Reviews

The upper of trail glove is made of extremely light and breathable mesh. It is like running on real barefoot. The air also flows in and out easily especially in some hot summer days. This mesh upper done a great job in ventilating our feet, wiped out all the moisture from our sweat make your feet dry and clean (especially in some hot summer days).I really like this feature because I don’t like to wear sock when running. Another plus is this soft upper causes no trouble for the movement of our toes. The toe box is roomy; your toes can feel the ground on every step. This Merrell pair fit in well and keeps you away from the debris on the trail. They also have a rubber toe-bumper in front of the shoe to protect your feet in case of kicking on some hard rock or litter

Trail Glove’s sole is about 10 mm thicker than the upper and was made by Vibram so it helps a lot on some tough trail, remain good balance and prevent any slippery.

The flexibility is wonderful. This pair is easily twisted into any direction. Of course, on some hard ground, the shoes is not very comfortable but we all know that this trail glove is just suitable for trail running events or shorter-distance races.

Wearing a flat shoe is totally new experience. It is different from running with a cushion shoes. At first, you must run slowly and short for a few days to get used to with it. After accommodating the change, everything is better then you expected

In brief, Merrell trail glove is my most favorite shoes. Out of all the minimalist shoes I’ve tried, this one make me completely happy. With the retail price of aprx. $100, it is definitely worth your money

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2. Nike Air Pegasus+ 30

Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 is one of best shoes for traveling from Nike. Here is a brief review from Dat Hoang about the quality and the first impression with this product.

I’ve bought a pair of Nike Air Pegasus for 2 weeks to practice running. I tried to search on the Internet and finally choosing it for my HIIT program.At first, I think that Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 is a pretty reliable shoe. Pegasus is always famous for its big, soft cushion and it is one of the most favorite choices for the neutral runners. I pre-order it from online store and the price is $100 a quite acceptable deal.

As the previous iteration, the Pegasus+ 30 offers various colors for the customers. It mixes 2-3 color in the body. I just want something simple so I choose a pair with dark toe box and grey midfoot. Mine also have some soft plastic strand along the middle. Nike calls Hyperfuse and told that it is a different structuring technology for this model.

Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 Trail Running Shoes Review - best shoes for traveling
Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 Trail Running Shoes Review

At the first try, the Pegasus 30 fits in well with my foot. It covers every part perfectly. I have some short jogging for a while and feel rather satisfactory with the flexibility. The heel has good elasticity; the pad of the shoe provides a softer landing that helps a lot in trail running. Some of my old shoes did not have the Natural Motion crash pad as this one so after a long time running, my feet got red for a few days but with the Pegasus 30, this trouble never exists.

After trying it for 3 4 days, I also bought one pair for my GF to accompany me on the run. With the female version, Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 has some minor differences. The toe box is a bit larger and the heel is softer. Of course, it is easily twisted from side to side so the flexibility is as good as mine. She said the Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 has some small changes in compare to the 29. It has been redesigned to enhance movement and reduced the weight. In fact, Pegasus+ 30 only weighs 10 oz for the 10 size  It also has better lateral support than the 29.

Up to now, we run together about 2 miles per day and those shoes still in a good condition. With some of amateur runner like us, they provide everything we need a nice design, outstanding flexibility. Although in some wet day, those pair are a bit slippery but they are perfect choice for the run in normal weather. In my opinion, those pairs are worth every penny you spent.

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3. Merrell barefoot run vapor glove

One of the biggest trends to hit the running world is that of the minimalist/barefoot shoe. Many runners are finding comfort, record times and less aches and pains with this kind of footwear. However, finding the right minimalist shoe that is perfect can be a daunting task. When I found the barefoot run Vapor Glove shoe, my first thought was how much I liked the initial “look” of the shoe. While I am a fan of the minimalist shoe movement, I have never been a huge fan of the way the shoe looks and the Vapor Glove immediately suited my tastes and looked good. While that may seem like a silly and unimportant detail, it made a huge difference for me right from the start.

Merrell barefoot run vapor glove review - best shoes for traveling
Merrell barefoot run vapor glove review

The Vapor Glove has a 3.5 mm Vibram rubber outsole and a 2mm EVA midsole. The upper part of the shoe is laced and made of an extremely breathable and thin, flexible material. The shoe itself is extremely lightweight and flexible (I could actually fold the shoes completely in half) and has a rubber bumper that runs along the toe line while giving structure to the shoe, but also protects the toes during dorsiflexing. The shoe also has a wrap around sling across the heel to help support the shoe and foot. I found that the laces are easy to tighten and loosen which during a run is imperative. The shoe comes with a “pull tab” that makes putting the shoes on easy. The barefoot run Vapor Glove fit is one that makes it feel like you’re not wearing a shoe at all, which is the entire point of a minimalist shoe. Once the shoe is on and laced up it becomes very easy to forget that there is anything on your foot at all!

On the sole of the Vapor Glove shoe is a diamond shaped cut that gives the sole more flexibility and if you have wide feet, as I do, wearing the Vapor Glove is a perfect fit because the sole lays flat on the floor, allowing for more toe splay. The shoe, while not offering any real structural support, does have curves at the heel, midfoot and arch, providing optimal comfort in a minimal shoe.

In the first run while wearing the Vapor Glove, the first thing I noticed was how amazing the ground feel was. The shoe allows for amazing comfort while maintaining the textures to be felt throughout the run. The lightweight shoe fit in a manner that improved and never hindered my gait and even improved my running time. It is obvious that the Vapor Glove was built for runners and especially for runners that prefer a minimalist approach in their running shoes. Like other minimalist shoes, it is imperative to watch your steps, as the shoe provides almost no cushioning and support to the foot. So if you run over rocks or other debris, you will absolutely feel it. I did wear the Vapor Glove for one trail run and will not be doing that again. I feel like this shoe is preferably for road running purposes.

Merrell barefoot run vapor glove review - best shoes for traveling

My only complaint with the Vapor Glove shoe is with the sole. The sole has a bumpy, grip-like material that comes up and over the toes. As stated earlier, this rubber bumper provides a bit of stability to the shoe, but it also can make walking in the shoe over carpets and rugs a little tricky. The material can create a sticking between the shoe and carpets causing one to trip and stumble if not careful. I would also like to see more color options available in the shoe, but then again, that has nothing to do with the performance of the shoe, and more to do with style choices and personality.

The material of the top sole on the Vapor Glove shoe made it possible to feel a breeze on my feet while running and really gave the feeling of running barefoot. The lightweight feel of the shoe made it possible for me to run even longer than I usually do.

I would absolutely recommend purchasing the Vapor Glove shoe for running. I own several different brands and types of running shoes and yet time and time again, I reach for the Vapor Glove shoe to run in. The level of comfort is really unparalleled. I believe I will be running in the Vapor Glove shoe for years to come.

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Best shoes for traveling reviews
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