25 specialties and best restaurants in Mui Ne – Phan Thiet

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Mui Ne Phan Thiet is a coastal city famous for many luxury resorts runing along the coast. Sea creates the beauty of Phan Thiet and also brings in the diverse seafood sources. Phan Thiet’s cuisine is very diverse, from luxury to popular dishes, serving all needs of customers. 

Phan Thiet cuisine has a very special characteristic: all of dishes are slightly sweeter compared to other places. However, you will be addicted soon. The highlights of Phan Thiet cuisine are fish cake noodle (bánh canh chả cá), duck Hu Tieu (Hủ tiếu vịt – a kind of noodle), Quang noodle (mì Quảng), baked rice paper, (bánh tráng nướng), pancake (bánh xèo),… 

25 specialties and best restaurants in Mui Ne Phan Thiet
25 specialties and best restaurants in Mui Ne Phan Thiet

In this article, I’m going to list the famous specialties and good restaurants in Phan Thiet Mui Ne.


Rice is the most important dish in Vietnam cuisine

1. 3 restaurants on Tuyen Quang streetLang Van restaurant (at the beginning of the street), My Huong and Co May restaurant, under $1.5/plate. 

2. Chicken rice – Cay Phuong restaurant on Tuyen Quang street. The chicken rice is cooked similar to the famous chicken rice of Hoi An, very tasty. The restaurant only serves chicken rice in the morning and pancake in the afternoon. 

3. Phuoc Hien chicken rice at J9 Hoang Hoa Tham street. There’s also chicken sticky rice (xôi gà) but you have to book in advance. 

Phan Thiet chicken rice
Phan Thiet chicken rice


4. Pancake (bánh xèo). There are 2 most famous restaurants: Cay Xoai and Cay Phuong, both on Tuyen Quang street. Additionally, check out Thu Khoa Huan street (near Binh Thuan Agriculture Department) or on Nguyen Hoi street (close to Cong Tin company), $0.3/piece. 

5. Nghe cake (Bánh Nghệ) is a very unique cake that’s only in Phan Thiet. It’s sold at the intersection of Nguyen Thi Phuong – Ngo Sy Lien. 

6. Rolled rice paper, made from rice paper + sauce + egg, is usually sold in late afternoon. 2 tasty restaurants: at intersection of Tran Hung Dao-Thu Khoa Huan and Tam Bien junction (near Tieng Xua cafe). 

7. Quai Vac cake (bánh quai vạc) is very popular and cheap. You can enjoy the dish at the food court of Phan Thiet market or hawkers.  

8. Can cake (bánh căn) is usually sold in late afternoon. I know 2 addresses: 168 Thu Khoa Huan and 8 Hai Thuong Lan Ong street.

Can cake bánh căn in Mui Ne Phan Thiet
Can cake (bánh căn)

9. Fruit plate can be found in many restaurants on Nguyen Tat Thanh street. 


Including Bun, Hu Tieu, Quang noodle, and so many more.

10. Bánh Canh xá xíu (Charsiu Noodle) on Kim Dong street. 

11. Bánh canh chua at Nam Thanh Lau restaurant, 50 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street. 

12. Hủ tiếu sườin Oc Quyen restaurant at a junction, opposite Ngu Ong street. 

13. Bun Bo (bún bò – beef noodle). Nguyet restaurant at 134 Thu Khoa Huan, from 4pm and 37 Nguyen Van Troi street, only in the morning. 

14. Bánh canh chả cá. 496 (or 596) Tran Hung Dao street, from 3pm, very crowded. Mrs. Ly restaurant at 566 Tran Hung Dao, from 4pm. Restaurant on Hai Thuong Lan Ong street, from 4pm to 7pm. 

Fish breadsoup (bánh canh chả cá) in Phan Thiet
Fish breadsoup (bánh canh chả cá)

15. Quang noodle (mì Quảng) is a very typical dish of Phan Thiet. You can try it at: 129 Tran Phu, morning and evening. Or the restaurant near Phan Boi Chau school (200m or 650ft from the school), morning only.


16. Hai Phuong restaurant. The duck meat is very tasty, rich and flavorful. Phan Thiet people usually call it grass duck (vịt cỏ), price $10/one duck, open from 2pm. 


This is absolutely famous and popular in Phan Thiet Mui Ne. 

17. Fish spring roll is exclusive in Phan Thiet. Fish spring roll is made from fish and cassava, wrapped by special rice paper of Phan Thiet. The dish is served with vegetable, egg, spring roll and sauce. 

The best is in Dung restaurant on Vo Thi Sau street. From Tran Hung Dao street, turn left to Vo Thi Sau street then keep going about 800m (2600ft). 

18. Baked squid at Xuan Vang and 49 restaurants on Pham Van Dong street. Lam Tong and Vietnam Home on Nguyen Dinh Chieu (Mui Ne ward).

19. Seafood restaurants on Pham Ngoc Thach street, behind the 19/4 hotel, fresh and cheap. 

20. Pham Van Dong street is famous for many popular seafood restaurants. 

21. Raw fish, at restaurant in the food court of Phan Thiet market, is quite rare in Phan Thiet now. Go for Xuan Vang on Pham Van Dong street or 49 restaurant at 49 Pham Van Dong.

Phan Thiet raw fish
Phan Thiet raw fish

22. Phong Van quan at the foot of Phu Hai bridge, on the road to Mui Ne. The price is lower than others. 

23. Dung Su on Ngu Ong street, famous for fresh seafood. 

24. Kim Son Lau restaurant near Phan Thiet market has many kinds of seafood. The tastiest is sour fish soup, cooked Chinese style.

25. Squid teeth is a popular dish among Phan Thiet youth. You can eat this dish at Phan Thiet train station49 restaurant on Pham Van Dong street, restaurants on Nguyen Tat Thanh or Vo Thi Sau street.

25 specialties and best restaurants in Mui Ne – Phan Thiet
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