25 best hotels in Dalat, Vietnam

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Dalat is such a cool getaway from the tropical heat. To make your trip even more unforgettable, here are my review for the 25 best hotels in Dalat, out of 200 hotels in the Dream City. The list includes budget to moderate and upscale options.

Here we go.

I. 1-star hotels in Dalat

1. Dalat Flower hotel

Rates from $10 – $39

The Dalat Flower’s staffs are enthusiastic and very friendly. They are willing to guide you in detail about Dalat tourism. Rooms are clean, cool and fragrant, especially cleaned many times a day, which is rare for hotels of this range. The hotel is in the city center, closed to Dalat market, Xuan Huong lake so it’s very convenient for travelling. 

Dalat Flower hotel
Dalat Flower hotel

The only con of Dalat Flower is that it’s located in a small alley so you should not go back to the hotel too late at night. 

For me, this hotel is excellent in quality for that price when compared to other 1-star hotels (even 2-star) in Dalat. 

2. Tuan Pham villa hotel

Rates from $18 – $42

Tuan Pham villa is generally a lot better then other low-price hotels in Dalat. New blankets and furniture, clean and pleasant room, simple but cozy, discreet and clean bathroom, adequate in-room facilities. The owner is very kind and friendly. You can buy foods in the market, borrow kitchenwares from the hotel and have an outdoor banquet at hotel’s back yard. 

Tuan Pham villa dalat hotel

The con is its location, quite far from center, which takes about 10 minutes by motorbike. But with this price-range, I am completely satisfied. And I’m sure you will too.

3. Violet Bui Thi Xuan hotel

Rates from $8 – $15

The first impression is the very low price for a 1-star hotel, but things are very ok. Good room, enthusiastic, friendly owner and staffs, dedicated guiding attractive sites, good restaurants.

Violet bui thi xuan hotel dalat

However it’s quite noisy as it’s near the center.

4. Paris hotel

Rates from $13 – $23

Paris hotel is located in the center of Dalat, taking a 10 minutes walk to get to Xuan Huong lake and Dalat market so it’s very convenient for moving, shopping and eating. Hotel rooms are spacious, clean and comfortable, wide window for plentiful of sunshine and cool breeze. Clean bathroom. Strong wifi. 

paris hotel dalat

This is a family hotel, whose 2 owners are a couple and also staffs. They’re nice, friendly, good at serving and can help rent motorbike and book tour with good price.

5. Hai Long Vuong hotel

Rates from $7 – $16

This is also a family-run hotel like Paris hotel. The owner couple is very funny and enthusiastic. The Hai Long Vuong is located on an alley  in the city center, very close to a very popular restaurant named Ba Hung baked roll, as well as many other excellent restaurants. As for room quality, you can expect to enjoy quite simple but very comfortable space.

hai long vuong dalat hotel

Although the hotel is slightly difficult to find and quite small room but with that price, I think there’s nothing to complain.

II. 2-star hotel in Da Lat

6. Hoang Ngoc villa hotel

Rates from $26 – $30

This hotel is on an alley 2 km from the city center so it’s  very quiet and fresh. The room is cool and clean, and smells of pinewood. Especially, the staffs are very cute and friendly. They serve family style, which is very cozy. 

I had 3-days and 4-nights here and was very satisfied with the services. But the hotel is slightly difficult to find and not very convenient for travelling.

7. Tulip II hotel

Rates from $32 – $43

The hotel is just 2.5-star but really beautiful, nice and new. The staffs are very polite, enthusiastic and professional, no less than 3 and 4-star hotels. Especially, the hotel’s location is very good, on Nguyen Chi Thanh street, inside city center so it’s very convenient for travelling and safe for coming back late at night.

Tulip II dalat hotel

From here, it takes just a few minutes walking to get to Lien Hoa restaurant, which is very famous in Dalat for many cool dishes such as Banh Mi, steamed beef, abf steamed duck, and many other famous restaurants.

8. Gold Night hotel

Rates from $16 – $43

This hotel is very close to Dalat market, Xuan Huong lake and many other famous attractions of Dalat. Hotel rooms are very good, spacious and cool. Foods are good and new everyday. They serve both Vietnamese and Western food. Service is good, staff are cute and professional.

Gold night hotel dalat

However, don’t expect too much for the breakfast though and it’s close to the market so it’s quite noisy in mornings.

9. La Pensee hotel

Rates from $14 – $26

This hotel is average in quality with large and cool rooms, good staff and close to center, just a few minutes walk to the market. Offer motorbike for rent at $5 / day (no fuel included).

However, the facilities are not good and it’s without nice view.

La Pensee hotel dalat

10. Villa Pink House hotel

Rates from $15 – $18

The Pink House has beautiful design and is in city center (but very quiet) so it’s very easy to find. The owner and staff are friendly and funny. Rooms are large and clean.

The hotel should have had a kettle in each room. The breakfast should be more diverse and better.

Villa Pink house dalat hotel

11. Reveto Villa Dalat hotel

Rates from $14 – $26

The hotel is quite far from the center but has beautiful view. It’s close to flower and vegetable farms so the scene is very romantic, great for strolling and taking photos. The hotel has beautiful design, spacious and clean room, quite enthusiastic staffs (just “quite”).

Reveto Villa Dalat hotelOne thing is that breakfast is not included while it’s  far from city center and there’s no restaurant in surrounding area, so customers must take a long walk for breakfast (with a very hungry tummy).

III. 3-star hotels in Dalat

12. Dalat Du Parc hotel

Rates from $30 – $100

Du Parc is one of the best 3-star hotels in Dalat. The location is very good, near market and Xuan Huong lake. Rooms are cool and clean but may be hot on the hottest days of summer. Staffs are friendly, enthusiastic and professional.

Especially, this is very old hotel, built from over 100 years ago so the architecture is quite interesting!

Dalat du parc hotel

13. Best Western Dalat Plaza hotel

Rates from $40 – $70

Best Western Dalat Plaza is in the city center and very easy to find, close to Xuan Huong lake, market and famous attractions so it’s convenient for travelling and shopping. The hotel has nice view overlooking the lake and park. Good and friendly staffs!

Best western Dalat plaza hotel

14. Pho Nui hotel (Mountain City hotel)

Rates from $29 – $39

Generally, this is a very beautiful hotel in city center at a very convenient location, near night market and many famous restaurants. Staffs are professional and friendly. Clean and comfortable rooms.

pho nui mountain town dalat hotel

The breakfast is not included but you can order. Otherwise, you can take a few minutes walking to some popular restaurants near the hotel for breakfast.

15. River Prince hotel

Rates from $31 – $50

This hotel is just average compared to the others I just reviewed above. Good service, comfortable and clean room, large garage. Located in center, on Phan Dinh Phung street, so easy to find and convenient for travelling.

River prince hotel dalat

However, this area is quite noisy at night and the wifi connection is weak. This is an acceptable choice if others sold out.

16. Rum Vang II hotel

Rates from $23 – $45

Rum Vang II is relatively cheap compared to others in Dalat and this is also one of best sellers on Agoda. The hotel is in the city center, 5 minutes walk to Dalat market and Xuan Huong lake. The staffs are friendly, helpful and professional.

Rum Vang II dalat hotel

Breakfast is included but same all the time so if staying here for a few days, you may get bored. One more thing, the view is not good. There are some rooms with lake-view but get obscured by buildings.

17. Mai Vang hotel

Rates from $28 – $38

The hotel’s location is very good, in the center and very close to famous sites of Dalat. The rooms are good, clean and large. Staffs are attentive and friendly.

mai vang dalat hotel

However the breakfast is quite poor. So you should get to Vinh Ky restaurant nearby for breakfast.

18. Ky Hoa hotel (Strange Flower hotel)

Rates from $24 – $35

Ky Hoa hotel is quite far from the center but close to Mong Mo hill (Dreamy hill). It’s a very quiet place, with nice and romantic atmosphere. If you rent a motorbike here, the travelling time is not a problem. The Hotel Room is up to the standard: clean and comfortable with luxury designs.

Ky hoa dalat hotel

However, the breakfast is not very good. Besides, there are mosquitoes in the hotel room. This is understandable though, because Ky Hoa hotel is in “wild” area.

IV. 4-star hotel in Dalat

19. Sai Gon Dalat hotel

Rates from $50 – $85

Sai Gon Dalat hotel is one of the best-sellers on Agoda, a popular address with many tourists when visiting Dalat. The hotel is in Dalat center but very quiet. There are many public facilities such as pool, tennis and golf. Large and cool room with balcony for enjoying coffee and sight seeing. Enthusiastic and attentive staffs. Breakfast (buffet) is good.

Sai Gon dalat hotel


20. La Sapinette hotel

Rates from $32 – $70

La Sapinette is one of the best 4-star hotels in Dalat. Excellent room, nice and luxury facilities. Staffs are enthusiastic, attentive and professional.

La Sapinette dalat hotel

The biggest not-so-good point about this hotel is that it is far from center so you would have to rent a motorbike or car to move around. Besides, they offer slightly weak wifi, tasty breakfast but not diverse. Everything else is ok.

21. Dalat Saphir hotel

Rates from $46 – $77

Dalat Saphir has extremely good location, right at city center and just few minutes to get market. There are many  famous restaurants in the surrounding area. Room is very large and comfortable. Especially, the hotel also serves chicken soup for late-night meal.

Saphir Dalat hotel

The most attractive thing about this hotel is in its French architecture. The exterior is built with stone while the interior is covered in pinewood!

22. Muong Thanh Dalat resort and spa

Rates from $47 – $110

In my opinion, Muong Thanh Dalat should not be rated 4 stars. Slightly damp room, old facilities and  poor sound insulation. Poor shared facilities like the very small swimming pool.

The hotel does has some good things: Convenient location with a lot of good restaurants around, large room with luxurious design. All of the staff are cute, friendly and enthusiastic.

Muong thanh dalat hotel

23. Ngoc Lan hotel

Rates from $48 – $86

When compared to other 4-star hotels, Ngoc Lan has to improve a lot: the staffs are not really pro; long waiting time for checking-in; breakfast is worse than the average standard  and no outdoor shared facilities such as swimming pool or tennis court.

ngoc lan dalat hotel

Of course in some ways, it could be a nice choice: very good location, in the center, near Xuan Huong lake, market; very nice view overlooking the lake and park; large room, clean and very comfortable, nice balcony for sightseeing.

V. 5-star hotels and resorts in Dalat

24. Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa
Rates from $75 – $120
Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort is the best 5-star resort in Dalat now. Most reviews for this hotel are very good. 

The resort was built on ancient architecture of French villas with pine forest, rugged roads of stone. It looks very ancient and romantic. The hotel is quiet, spacious and comfortable. Nice room, full facilities and nice view overlooking a garden and pine forest. 
Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort Spa
Staffs are enthusiastic, attentive and very professional. Breakfast is very tasty and diverse.

Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa is ideal for honeymoon as well as family vacation.

25. Dalat Edensee Lake Resort & Spa

Rates from $100 – $130

This is also a good 5-star resort in Dalat. Rooms have very nice view, overlooking Tuyen Lam lake and pine forests. Large TV with HD receiver has many updated HD movies. Extremely big bathroom with beautiful bathtub. Electric heater but in the shape of a classic fireplace, looks interesting and matches the hotel’s design. Hotel’s staffs are very caring and helpful.

The hotel is slightly far from center but they have vehicle to take customer to the city everyday. 
 Dalat Edensee Lake Resort & Spa hotel
If you stay here, remember to stroll around the hotel because the scene is very beautiful and romantic. Don’t forget try out the restaurants on Tuyen Lam lake.

25 best hotels in Dalat, Vietnam
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