20 famous specialties and restaurants of Hanoi

After my blog post on Hanoi travel itineraries for 1 or 2 days, many of you asked for recommendation of good restaurants in Hanoi. I couldn’t believe I actually forgot about this!!?? Food is sometimes the reason you travel (and I’m one of those), right!. So this is the list of famous restaurants in Hanoi, adored by both locals and tourists. 

Hanoi cuisine is not only mesmerizing but also diverse and distinctive, so you may have to prepare a really good room and strength for your stomach ready to actually spend a couple days to indulge in all of Hanoi’s specialties. 

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The famous specialties and restaurants of Hanoi
Famous specialties and restaurants in Hanoi – Vietnam

Specialties and famous restaurants 

1. Pho Hanoi (Phở Hà Nội). If you’re finding out about Hanoi tourism, you may have got to know this specialty. There’re lots of Pho restaurants in Hanoi, but if you want authentic and traditional taste of Pho Hanoi, go for 49 Bat Dan street (near the Old Quater) or Pho Thin at 11 Lo Duc street – 2 best Pho in town. 

2. Phở cuốn và phở xào ( 2 version of Pho: rolled and stir fried) on Nguyen Khac Hieu street. 

3. Bun Cha (bún chả) is about rice vermicelli with grilled pork

– Bun Cha on Hang Manh street (near the junction of Hang Quat and Hang Non street), very tasty and famous (but rather expensive compared to others).

– On Duong Thanh, near Hang Bong street. 

– 47C Mai Hac De, which I like most, although it’s far from the center. 

– Bun Cha on Hang Buom street is cheap and tasty. 

4.Bánh cuốn (steamed rice roll)

– Thanh Van restaurant at 14 Hang Ga street.

– Gia An rolled rice cake restaurants, there’re many addresses: 21 Lo Duc, 25 Thai Phien, 11A Yet Kieu, 111/8 Lang Ha, 61 Huyn Thuc Khang, 108 A6 Tran Huy Lieu,…

5. Grass duck, duck hot pot (vịt cỏ, lẩu vịt).

– Thanh Luan at 9/2 Phu Vien – Long Bien district, near Chuong Duong bridge. 

– Van Dinh grass duck is close to Long Bien bridge. 

– If you stay near Ha Dong district, you can drop for the restaurant behind the Xuan Mai building, close to Ha Dong stadium. 

6. Bun dau (bún đậu) – rice vermicelli with deep fried tofu

– Restaurant at intersection of Pham Dinh Ho – Hoa Ma street, open at noon, very tasty. 

– 55 Phat Loc alley, near the intersection of Hang Be – Hang Mam, open at noon. 

7. Seafood. There’re many good restaurans on Nghia Dung street, close to Long Bien bridge. I like Huong Lan restaurant at 4 – Nghia Dung street. 

8. Snails and shells

– Cay restaurant on Giang Vo street (opposite Giang Vo lake)

– Some restaurants at the begin of Luong Dinh Cua street. 

– Restaurant on Dinh Liet street (near the center of Old Quater), open from 4.30pm

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famous specialties and restaurants of Hanoi capital - Vietnam
Fried snail

9. Baked beef. 

– Hang Dau street, open in the evening. 

– On Ma May street at the Hang Chinh – Ma May junction

– Some restaurants on Bach Mai street, near Hong Mai street. 

10. Crab and beef hot pot on Pho Duc Chinh street.

11. Yen sticky rice (xôi Yến) at 35 Nguyen Huu Huan.

12. Fried dishes from pig organs. I heard that Westerner does not eat organs, but it’s very tasty, and we enjoyed it. If you want a try, go for Nguyen Sieu street, there’s a restaurant close to Gao Market (chợ Gạo), opposite a parking lot and a school. 

13. Nem Tai, a dish is made from pig ear. You can enjoy it at a famous address: Ba Hong restaurant 35 Hang Thung street. 

14. Pillow cakethe cake has pillow shape, a very unique dish of Vietnam, on Ly Quoc Su street, close to Hanoi cathedral. 

15. Frog hot pot at 5 – Lo Duc street, open at noon and in the evening. 

16. Cuisine center in Thanh Cong, close to Thanh Cong preschool. There’re so many dishes available here like baked rice paper, fruits, beef noodle (bún bò),and specially, Hue  congee.

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famous specialties and restaurants of Hanoi capital - Vietnam
Pillow rice cake

Drinks and famous cafes

17. Cafes. There’re 2 best places near the Old Quater where you can’t skip: 

– Cafe Old Quater, this has been a very famous cafe in Hanoi from the early 20th century. They also have nice view (overlooking Hoan Kiem lake) and the famous egg-coffee. The cafe is in alley 11 – Hang Gai street (quite difficult to find). 

– Cafe Lam at 60 Nguyen Huu Huan street, near the Yen sticky rice (xôi Yến that I mentioned above). 

– Additionally, you can come to Hang Hanh street, there’re many sidewalk cafes (all of street sell coffee). 

18. Sidewalk Ice-tea. Ice-tea is very popular in Hanoi. Chech out Ly Quoc Su street, Nha Tho street, 31 Dao Duy Tu, Gao Market (Chợ Gạo),….

famous specialties and restaurants of Hanoi capital - Vietnam
Sidewalk Ice-tea 

19. Fruits and juices on To Lich street. 

20. Cafe Nola at 89 Ma May. The cafe has nice view, diverse menu of drinks, spacious space and impressive layout. 

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